Hair-free indulgence

SBI Life's latest TVC uses humour to drive home its new wealth creation plan

There’s always that materialistic side to us that we would like to explore when we think we can afford to splurge. But, saving for a car, house, wedding, children and other such larger milestones in our lives restricts us from indulging ourselves. SBI Life Insurance’s latest TVC campaign launched this month sees a man going in for a pampering session at the salon, only to end in a hilarious twist.

For a sector where communication centers around educating the consumer on the need for insurance, SBI Life’s ad has been an attempt to make people laugh. Braj Kishore, head, brand communications, says, “In order to save for the future, people tend to forego luxuries of life. So, our intention was to communicate that if you have taken care of your future, you can indulge in those luxuries now.” While in the past SBI Life has promoted its products through print, radio and outdoor, this emotional connect is being pushed through TVCs.

Zenobia Pithawalla, executive creative director, Ogilvy & Mather says, “The common man spends his whole life and money on everyday mundane things. The task was to convince him that SBI Life's Wealth Creation with Insurance Plans would ensure a pampered life filled with indulgence. The one thing we did differently was use 'exaggeration' to create an impression.” About the brief, she continues, “The insight was simple. When people have more money than they can spend, they will find unique ways to spend it. We used this insight to reassure the consumer that with this plan he'll create enough wealth to indulge and fulfil his every wish.”