Flavour of the season

Popular for over two decades, Frooti has now revamped itself with a new logo, packaging and ad campaign

No one loves the king of fruits better than India; and if you ask millenials, no one makes mango juice better than Parle Agro’s Frooti. Popular for over two decades, Frooti has now revamped itself with a new logo, packaging and ad campaign. The ₹70-crore campaign, led by New York-based agency Sagmeister & Walsh, features brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan. Shot in stop motion with a catchy jingle, the ad shows tiny-scaled people trying to move a giant mango to make Frooti. 

Nadia Chauhan, joint MD and CMO, Parle Agro says, “Since the brand has been an integral part of everyone’s childhood, it was important to shed the traditional image and make it relatable to the youth. Being the market leader in mango drinks, it was important to break through the clutter to ensure maximum visibility.”

Jessica Walsh, creative director of the campaign says, “We noticed how most of the campaigns in India used a similar formula — images of people or product shots with a lot of text.  Noticing this, we designed Frooti’s campaigns to be extremely simple and graphic with bold colors and humour. It’s exciting that Frooti is willing to take such risks on a different approach.”

Like it or not, the redesign has been the topic of much debate since its reveal and Parle is more than happy to lap up all the attention Frooti garners.