Beyond Barriers

Samsung promises to serve you wherever you are 

There isn’t anything unusual about the customer-TV mechanic conversation in the opening scene of Samsung’s latest TVC. But then, the viewer is treated to an aerial view of scenic locales in a hilly terrain making that trip from urban to rural India with Mohit Chauhan’s earthy voice for company. Your patience to watch this four-minute long ad is rewarded with an emotional twist of a blind kids’ hostel being the recipient of the electronics major’s newly launched service vans.

Conceptualised by Cheil India, Tarvinderjit Singh, executive creative director at the agency explains why the song was crucial to capture the audience’s attention in the first half. “The engineer undertakes a very long and tough journey and it was important to show through the song that the company is ready to travel such a distance for its customers.” The ad that has proved to be a hit online has clocked 52 million views on YouTube since its launch.

Launched as part of the South Korean company’s ‘Make for India’ initiative in October last year, the commercial announces the service-at-your-doorstep facility. The vans are equipped with multi-skilled engineers, DG sets, and key fixtures to provide quick-fix solutions. In addition to just introducing service, the commercial also highlights the brand’s eagerness to cater to the hinterlands too. Ranjivjit Singh, chief marketing officer, Samsung India, reiterates this as he adds how this initiative was propelled by the idea to reach out to every customer across the country, including rural India. “The introduction of the service vans is a first-of-its-kind enterprise and is intended to reach out to every person in every corner of the country,” he says. Timely and reliable service wherever you are shows every viewer that Samsung cares. 

To view the Samsung TVC, click here.