All Work and No Play

Monster urges young professionals to strive for the right work-life balance

Ask a millennial about their take on ‘work-life balance’ and you would most likely get a puzzled expression. After all, young professionals are used to working late, receiving calls after office hours and working on weekends. Not surprising then, that in a survey conducted by job listing portal Monster, 60% Indian working professionals rated their current work life balance ‘average to terrible’. Further, as opposed to the belief that technology is a facilitator, one-third surveyed find technology a hindrance in managing work and family commitments. Such key helped the company in weaving an extensive brand campaign around the importance of finding a ‘work-life balance’.

“Monster via this brand campaign wants to resonate with each and every working individual. Good for them if they are working with an organisation or a manager who values balance but this campaign is the voice of the larger population who is striving to find the balance,” says Anshul Punhani, CMO for (APAC & Gulf), Monster. The campaign also represents Monster as not just a job aggregator, but as someone who understands what the modern workforce wants and provides them holistic solutions in terms of finding the 'perfect' job.

The series of four ad films, created by Famous Innovations, use every day, real instances that young professionals face and brings them alive in a humorous way. From a friend who can’t stop using corporate jargon even during a game of dumb charades to a young man working late and getting reminded by a pizza delivery boy of the reality of his situation, the ads drive home the point without coming across as preachy. At the same time, they leave the viewer with something to reflect upon.

The target audience of this campaign is the millennial workforce across India and Southeast Asia. Raj Kamble, Founder & CCO, Famous Innovations, sums it up, “Today’s young urban professionals are exposed to the world far more and are keen for more varied experiences over and above work to feel fulfilled at the end of the day. They also know that there is more to success than just doing well at work. We aim to encourage that seed of a growing attitude.” Creating a tangible change on this of course depends on support from employers. But the campaign symbolises that the winds of change are sweeping in.