Managing Growth 2017- Part 2
Will demonetisation hurt? Can the Budget spur a growth recovery? Here's what four CEOs predicted for the next fiscal

Managing Growth 2017- Part 2

Will demonetisation hurt? Can the Budget spur a growth recovery? Here's what four CEOs predicted for the next fiscal

MAR 21 , 2017

Managing Growth 2017- Part 1

CEOs from diverse sectors on what's in store for 2017

MAR 20 , 2017

"When you combine content and tech, you get to be first and impressive"

Reed Hastings on how he’s making Netflix future ready - Part 3

V Keshavdev, Kripa Mahalingam | MAR 14 , 2017

"We are using data really smartly"

Reed Hastings on how Netflix puts together great content – Part 2 

V Keshavdev, Kripa Mahalingam | MAR 10 , 2017

"We won't be out and out Bollywood as we'll not be differentially great at it

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings speaks to Outlook Business on his India strategy – Part 1  

V Keshavdev, Kripa Mahalingam | MAR 09 , 2017

Without small data, big data is like a loose cannon

Global brand guru Martin Lindstrom highlights the importance of small data in understanding customer preferences

Rajat Ubhaykar | JUN 03 , 2016

"You can only do something about what you are not doing...

In the final installment of a three-part interview, productivity expert David Allen explains the need to constantly renegotiate with oneself

NOV 19 , 2015

"Twitter to me is like a cocktail party. Step in and walk about"

In the second part of a three-part interview, productivity expert David Allen says that more than time, people need to make space

OCT 14 , 2015

"People are getting hooked onto social media and sub-optimising their cognitive

Productivity expert David Allen talks about the need to keep things simple

OCT 14 , 2015

India's coffee king

VG Siddhartha wants to grow Cafe Coffee Day into one of the top café chains in the world

N Mahalakshmi, Krishna Gopalan | SEP 09 , 2015

"Companies need to establish disruption units and disrupt themselves"

Mckinsey Global Institute's Richard Dobbs on how technology has disrupted the traditional way of doing business

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 04 , 2015

"India Inc must move to the forefront of creative destruction"

Vineet Nayar and Gary Hamel discuss what Indian corporates need to change to ride the growth wave

Meghna Maiti | JUN 26 , 2015

"Dealers still need to be convinced of our efforts"

After shoring up Maruti's rural presence, Mayank Pareek is set to give Tata Motors a taste of the hinterland

Rachit Vats | MAY 29 , 2015

Governance in your palm

Dasra roundtable on harnessing power of mobile technologies for good governance

Team Outlook Business | APR 17 , 2015

"India is the laboratory of the world"

Acumen founder Jacqueline Novogratz on what she finds exciting about India

Kripa Mahalingam | APR 03 , 2015

"Introducing a good-tasting beer with low alcohol content is high on our agenda"

Carslberg's chairman Flemming Basenbacher, on innovation and his plans to expand in India

V Keshavdev | APR 03 , 2015

"Good chance that India will create a Silicon Valley faster than China"

Professor and author Anil K Gupta on the successes and failures of Chinese companies

Krishna Gopalan | JAN 23 , 2015

"Think of a desired future and prioritise life around it"

The author of Discovering Your Sweet Spot, Rajiv Vij shares his wisdom with Outlook Business

Team Outlook Business | NOV 28 , 2014

"Indian entrepreneurs are more measured than the Chinese"

Entrepreneurship expert Ramakrishna Velamuri on differences in the Chinese and Indian ecosystem

N Mahalakshmi, Kripa Mahalingam | AUG 08 , 2014

"You will have a higher probability of success when you allow people to be small

IMD Business School professor Bill Fischer on the importance of innovation

N Mahalakshmi | NOV 23 , 2013

“In the global era, influence is not about proximity, it is about the power of t

Psychologist Howard Gardner explains why a successful business leader may not be a good business leader

Veena Venugopal | MAR 17 , 2012

“It may take India 10-15 years to appreciate auto design"

Cultural and political influences shape the design of a car, says J Mays, Ford Motor’s group vice-president and chief creative officer

Sudipto Dey | MAR 03 , 2012

"There is no viable substitute for health insurance"

Anthony Jacob of Apollo Munich Health on how Indians don’t think they need health insurance

FEB 04 , 2012

'India Inside' can be as glamorous as 'Made in India'

Dabur’s Mohit Burman has made a financial foray.

Meenakshi Radhakrishnan-Swami | JAN 21 , 2012