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What Alarms the rooster?
Kellogg’s breakfast cereal elbowed its way into a difficult market, dominated by idlis and parathas. Now it is bracing up for its next battle

Shruti Venkatesh

AB InBev just got ‘weiser’

The beer giant that owns Budweiser has been struggling in India, and is now focusing on premium and super premium categories to grow 

Debangana Ghosh | APR 01 , 2020

Disney's grim fairy tale

The Burbank-based company’s acquisition of Star India, along with other 21st Century Fox assets, is facing teething problems. They can’t seem to agree on money and manners

Krishna Gopalan | MAR 05 , 2020

Why Nike Just Couldn’t Do It

The legendary sports shoes giant has failed to make it big in India. Its multibillion rupee bet on cricket was just a bad one

Krishna Gopalan | MAR 05 , 2020

How Croma perfected its pitch

In the swiftly changing world of electronics retail, the chain has managed to find its own footing

Himanshu Kakkar | FEB 06 , 2020

Cipla’s American Odyssey

The pharma major has made a few tough decisions over the past few years. Now, it’s beginning to pay off

Kripa Mahalingam | FEB 04 , 2020


Amul has stayed relevant through nearly seven decades, with smart messaging and efficiency. Now it is trying a new trick, which involves chocolates and butter cookies

Shruti Venkatesh | JAN 27 , 2020

What Alarms the rooster?

Kellogg’s breakfast cereal elbowed its way into a difficult market, dominated by idlis and parathas. Now it is bracing up for its next battle

Shruti Venkatesh | DEC 20 , 2019

Line disengaged

Once a market leader, BSNL has been brought down by lethargy and government inaction. Today, its future hangs on a cliff

Krishna Gopalan | OCT 23 , 2019

India’s got ‘SaaS’

The software-as-a-service industry is set to be worth $144 billion by 2022, and India has a seat at the high table

Kripa Mahalingam | OCT 21 , 2019

From farm to fashion

IBM Research India is making its illustrious parent proud by radically changing the way different businesses are run

Kripa Mahalingam | OCT 15 , 2019

Flywheel Effect

Times Internet has grown by transforming into a company with multiple digital products, all drawing power from a dynamic centre

Himanshu Kakkar | OCT 14 , 2019

Sharp Shooter

The online classifieds market is tough with its millions of users unwilling to pay; OLX may have an answer

Himanshu Kakkar | OCT 03 , 2019

Making work from home ‘work’

By striking the right balance between independence and accountability, work-from-home policy makes organisations diverse and productive

Shruti Venkatesh | SEP 25 , 2019

Express paint to profit

If you are in a highly competitive industry with an unbeatable leader, you can find growth in clever innovations and smart marketing, like Berger Paints did

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 05 , 2019

Tune in, tune out

As Radio Struggles For Growth, Smaller Players Sell Out While Biggies Consolidate

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 05 , 2019

E-tail gets Real

After strengthening their presence online, e-commerce players sniff out a lucrative market offline

Shruti Venkatesh | JUL 26 , 2019

The ‘Leap’ year

In 2018, Raymond’s textile business shook itself free of a stupor, and started transforming its supply-chain and tailoring services using technology

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 19 , 2019

Endlessly Fab

Fashion is without boundaries and now its shopping points will reflect that limitlessness, with the omnichannel strategy at Bestseller India

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 17 , 2019

Revving Up

Yamaha is on a mission to capture a larger market share, by changing focus to higher-powered motorbikes and sportier, unisex scooters

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 10 , 2019

Stacking Smart

Warehouses are not dusty, forgotten spaces anymore — increasingly modern retail is moving up the automation curve

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 31 , 2019

Handsome Spends

Male-grooming is more than a finger comb and a razor now. Brands are selling innovative products with woke marketing lines, and making much money

Shruti Venkatesh | MAY 20 , 2019

Braving the Churn

French major Lactalis, with Tirumala, Anik and Prabhat buys, has placed a difficult bet in Indian dairy industry. What is their secret super power?

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 02 , 2019

How to thumka the Dragon

China seems unable to resist Bollywood movies of triumph against all odds. Billions of rupees in ticket collections is proof

Krishna Gopalan | APR 18 , 2019

First Moving Online

FMCG companies are stepping outside their brick-and-mortar stores and trying a new strategy of retailing online-first

Krishna Gopalan | APR 11 , 2019