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    A good night’s sleep has turned out to be a dream opportunity for some start-ups

    Wakefit, SleepyCat and Wink & Nod are making affordable, new-age mattresses and delivering them in a box 

    Debangana Ghosh - May 15, 2020
  • strategy / Feature

    Two-faced tech

    FR technology can transform businesses. But, don’t miss the devil in the details

    Shruti Venkatesh - May 09, 2020
  • strategy / Feature

    Start-ups Come Together To ‘Tech’ Covid Out

    How Bengaluru’s start-ups cobbled a quick solution to deliver essentials during the lockdown

    Shruti Venkatesh - May 09, 2020
  • strategy / Feature

    The chickens have come home to roast

    Start-ups are taking on the local butcher with responsibly sourced meat. Can they hack it?

    Debangana Ghosh - April 25, 2020
  • strategy / Feature

    That sweet taste of success

    Adyar Ananda Bhavan has grown from a single outlet in a small town to an Rs.8 billion global business, selling highly commoditised food. All it took was quick thinking and rigour

    Kripa Mahalingam - March 07, 2020
  • strategy / Feature

    Urban Company | Varun Khaitan | On-demand salon services

    Urban Company, formerly UrbanClap, has found a growth engine in the on-demand salon services. But can it afford the cash burn?

    Himanshu Kakkar - February 26, 2020
  • strategy / Feature

    Fireside Ventures | Betting on consumer brands

    To consumer brand start-ups looking to raise capital, here’s a ready-reckoner on Fireside Ventures.

    Hari Menon - February 12, 2020
  • strategy / Feature

    Micro-mobility start-ups are solving Indian commuters' woes

    Not Uber or Ola, it’s new-age start-ups such as Mobycy and Yulu who are linking the last mile with their compact e-scooters

    Debangana Ghosh - January 23, 2020
  • strategy / Feature

    Social E-Commerce Trend | Retail Enterprise

    How a bunch of small merchants and influencers have developed alternative models to cosy up to buyers

    Himanshu Kakkar - November 28, 2019
  • strategy / Feature

    How ShopClues lost its unicorn tag

    Once a unicorn, ShopClues was recently sold for $60 million-$70 million. Start-up founders must pay close attention, to avoid the same mistakes

    Krishna Gopalan - December 02, 2019
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    Surgical finesse

    Doctors can now preset a surgery, sit back and gently guide a robot to do the procedure, even remotely

    Shruti Venkatesh - November 15, 2019
  • strategy / Feature

    Easy, Breezy Wellness

    From e-clinics and virtual diagnostics to apps that alert your doctor when you miss a dose, healthcare just got way more accessible

    Shruti Venkatesh - September 26, 2019