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Stacking Smart
Warehouses are not dusty, forgotten spaces anymore — increasingly modern retail is moving up the automation curve

Krishna Gopalan

E-tail gets Real

After strengthening their presence online, e-commerce players sniff out a lucrative market offline

Shruti Venkatesh | JUL 26 , 2019

The ‘Leap’ year

In 2018, Raymond’s textile business shook itself free of a stupor, and started transforming its supply-chain and tailoring services using technology

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 19 , 2019

Endlessly Fab

Fashion is without boundaries and now its shopping points will reflect that limitlessness, with the omnichannel strategy at Bestseller India

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 17 , 2019

Stacking Smart

Warehouses are not dusty, forgotten spaces anymore — increasingly modern retail is moving up the automation curve

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 31 , 2019

Handsome Spends

Male-grooming is more than a finger comb and a razor now. Brands are selling innovative products with woke marketing lines, and making much money

Shruti Venkatesh | MAY 20 , 2019

Braving the Churn

French major Lactalis, with Tirumala, Anik and Prabhat buys, has placed a difficult bet in Indian dairy industry. What is their secret super power?

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 02 , 2019

How to thumka the Dragon

China seems unable to resist Bollywood movies of triumph against all odds. Billions of rupees in ticket collections is proof

Krishna Gopalan | APR 18 , 2019

First Moving Online

FMCG companies are stepping outside their brick-and-mortar stores and trying a new strategy of retailing online-first

Krishna Gopalan | APR 11 , 2019

The year of hype

It is a jackpot year for the advertising industry, with brands and political parties looking to spend Rs.90 billion on three mega events

Krishna Gopalan | MAR 25 , 2019

Carvaan: A journey begins

After a two-decade-long hiatus, the iconic record label’s cash-registers are ringing again, thanks to an innovative product. But can it transport Saregama back to its glory days?

Himanshu Kakkar | MAR 19 , 2019

Catching ‘em Young

It’s not just Google, good old brick and mortar companies, too, are seeking a slice of the start-up action to stay ahead in the game

Himanshu Kakkar | MAR 15 , 2019

Coke’s Cleanse

The Atlanta-based soft-drinks major is going all out to woo the Indian customer with a kaleidoscopic range of fruit and dairy-based drinks, with its popular offering losing fizz

Krishna Gopalan | MAR 15 , 2019

The Alchemist

Titan’s gold-exchange programme has helped it manage its working capital expenses, and accelerate its sales

Himanshu Kakkar | DEC 18 , 2018

Right foot forward

Skechers, a late entrant in the Indian market, struck gold by going after the untapped walkers’ market 

Krishna Gopalan | NOV 26 , 2018

My Brand Strongest

When you are challenging a market leader, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and one such is comparative advertising with its cheeky humour and hard facts, but it can invite lawsuits

Krishna Gopalan | NOV 09 , 2018

Tasty Trends

Food zones within retail outlets are offering shoppers both convenience and experience under one roof

Shruti Venkatesh | NOV 02 , 2018

Unlocking Success

With an expansion model driven by joint ventures, Godrej Properties has managed to march ahead despite industry headwinds

Shruti Venkatesh | OCT 19 , 2018

Divide and Rule

Murugavel Janakiraman, founder of the Rs.13-billion online portal, Matrimony, knows how to conquer a divided market. Now, he is ready to spread his wings

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 27 , 2018

Dual Chemistry

After inheriting a technical textiles business from their father, Kartik and Ashish Ram placed winning bets on chemicals and packaging

Himanshu Kakkar | SEP 18 , 2018

Taking Offline Online

Paytm Mall aims to rival Amazon and Flipkart by offering competitive pricing and fast deliveries from offline stores in small cities

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 14 , 2018

Reviving a Legacy

After pulling out Escorts from its debt spiral, the Nanda scion now wants to make the company future ready

Himanshu Kakkar | SEP 12 , 2018

A Saucy Affair

 Replace, tweak, acquire — the German food brand Dr. Oetker did it all in its pursuit of the Indian consumer

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | AUG 17 , 2018

In a new avatar

Sistema Asia Fund is looking to plug the gap in Series B mid-stage financing

Himanshu Kakkar | JUL 20 , 2018

Overnight Phenomenon

How OnePlus succeeded with an unconventional marketing strategy

Himanshu Kakkar | JUL 20 , 2018