Axis Bank's Bad Loans Battle
The country's third-largest private sector bank's aggressive growth is coming undone

Krishna Gopalan

Axis Bank's Bad Loans Battle

The country's third-largest private sector bank's aggressive growth is coming undone

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 23 , 2017

On Solid Ground

Shree Cement has had spectacular success in the North. Can it conquer the South and East?

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 09 , 2017

Touch and Feel

Direct selling FMCG major Amway is now looking beyond established channels to grow its presence in India

Himanshu Kakkar | MAY 02 , 2017

Micro Focus, Macro Aspiration

Why Bandhan Bank believes its microfinance focus will help it succeed as a universal bank

Jash Kriplani | APR 24 , 2017

Getting Them To Bite

QSR chains such as McDonald's, KFC & Domino's are tweaking their recipe for growth

Himanshu Kakkar | APR 14 , 2017

Himalayan Target

The pharma-to-FMCG player is leveraging its herbal equity to gain market share in other categories. Can it win?

Himanshu Kakkar | JAN 24 , 2017

Can Cognizant get its act together?

Can Cognizant reorient itself to get back to its winning ways? 

Kripa Mahalingam | DEC 16 , 2016

Home away from home

With a global network to leverage, homestay pioneer Airbnb is going all out to woo the Indian traveller

Laveena Iyer | NOV 28 , 2016

Renewing careers

Corporates are employing women professionals looking to rejoin the workforce after a sabbatical

Bhavik Nair | OCT 24 , 2016

Farming Out Growth

Mahindra Finance is tapping new segments to tackle the errant monsoon and fickle farm incomes

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | SEP 20 , 2016

Well Guys, Your Move now

Reliance Jio has ushered in a sense of déjà vu. Will history repeat itself or be rewritten?  

Krishna Gopalan | SEP 20 , 2016

Crunch Time

Can breakfast cereal makers convert Indian eating habits by tapping local flavours?  

Himanshu Kakkar | AUG 18 , 2016

Lost in the jungle

The Burbank-headquartered company’s India ride has been bumpy so far. Can Disney recreate its magic here?

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 02 , 2016

Low on energy

Its noodles and biscuits foray has failed to take off. With health drinks under stress, Horlicks will need all its strength to up its growth  

Jash Kriplani | JUN 27 , 2016

Keeping the flock happy

Automobile companies are building alternate revenue streams for their dealers. Is this enough to drive competition away?

Himanshu Kakkar | JUN 27 , 2016

Big screen's small debut

Every media player wants a shot at the over-the-top content market. Which one will crack the puzzle first?  

Laveena Iyer | MAY 17 , 2016

An unquenchable thirst

After a forgettable outing in the energy drinks space, Ramesh Chauhan is now trying to get back into soft drinks. Will he be lucky this time around?  

Rajat Ubhaykar | MAY 12 , 2016

Poll Plot

Election time is usually open season for political parties. Here’s why they have been forced to innovate this time around

Krishna Gopalan | APR 28 , 2016

Betting on Digital

Growing Internet penetration and smartphone adoption is driving marketers towards digital advertising

Himanshu Kakkar | APR 21 , 2016

The Game of Thrones

Voltas’ latest ploy to sustain market share draws heavily from its old tricks

Himanshu Kakkar | MAR 31 , 2016

The consumer-buying spree

Large FMCG companies are making expensive acquisitions to buck the slowdown. Will the strategy pay off?

Krishna Gopalan | FEB 17 , 2016

One giant leap for Mankind

Mankind Pharma made it big in small towns, but can its magic help it conquer the bigger markets?

Himanshu Kakkar | FEB 04 , 2016

Shining India

Jewellery makers are trying to polish slackening sales by reaching out to an all-new segment of buyers

Taneesha Kulshrestha | DEC 18 , 2015

Trickle-down debacle

How Heinz squandered away an opportunity to break into the Indian market despite its several marquee brands

Krishna Gopalan | DEC 10 , 2015