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Throwing good money after bad
The story of how the chase for high yield ended up hurting KKR India's debt portfolio

N Mahalakshmi

New Playing Field

Large Indian IT companies are playing catch-up as their clients aggressively go digital

N Mahalakshmi | OCT 01 , 2018

The race of our lives revisited

Human beings have a history of responding well only to more immediate and tangible threats

Jeremy Grantham | SEP 17 , 2018

Credit Where It Is Due

Some companies are going beyond their brief and creating conditions for women employees to succeed

N Mahalakshmi | SEP 14 , 2018

Double Trouble

The pessimism that has engulfed the currency could end up taking stocks down a slippery path

N Mahalakshmi | AUG 30 , 2018

Emerging Markets—No Reward Without Risk

While there may be more pain in the short term, emerging markets are still the best investment opportunity available today

Ben Inker | AUG 22 , 2018

Adding Another Scoop

HUL snaps up Adityaa Milk to strengthen its position in the fast growing ice-cream and frozen dessert market

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 14 , 2018

Nordic Powerhouse

The Indian market has foxed many a dreamy-eyed MNC, but Ikea is going all out to win

N Mahalakshmi | AUG 03 , 2018

Adding Human Intelligence

Be careful before you remove the human from the consumer engagement equation 

Subrahmanyam KVJ | JUL 31 , 2018

In It For The Long-Haul

IndiGo needs a new success formula if it wants to crack long-haul

N Mahalakshmi | JUL 09 , 2018

Driving On Empty

If a sense of urgency is missing among automakers in taking electric seriously, it is because of the huge investments that have already gone into making conventional cars

N Mahalakshmi | JUN 19 , 2018

Career Advice I Wish I Had Paid Heed To...

Here's how to build a fulfilling professional life  

Lakshmipathy Bhat | JUN 19 , 2018

Beware of Those Bearing Gifts

Predicting future investment return based on current asset prices can increase the risk of capital loss

Glen Finegan | JUN 18 , 2018

"Sab bhav ke khiladi hain”

The stock market defies all laws of rationality and economics

Neeraj Batra | JUN 15 , 2018

The Value Of ‘Overvalued’ Stocks

What should be your reaction to the success of investors who buy and hold seemingly overvalued stocks?

Rohit Chauhan | JUN 01 , 2018

Last Resort

The real strength of IBC will be tested when it is followed both in letter & spirit, and that can only happen if those with vested interests are not allowed to game the system

N Mahalakshmi | MAY 23 , 2018

Is investing starting to get difficult again?

If conditions prevailing in the first part of this year persist, asset valuations will very likely have to fall

Ben Inker | MAY 16 , 2018

An unlikely hero for Fortis Healthcare

Munjal-Burman’s winning bid for the beleaguered hospital chain raises more questions than answers

V Keshavdev | MAY 11 , 2018

Do all brands have a compelling story to tell?

Over time, consumers have found ways to ignore branding and to keep them interested, ads need to be relevant 

Lakshmipathy Bhat | APR 30 , 2018

The Big Fight for Fortis

Despite promoter woes and possible contingent liabilities, Fortis is an asset that many are willing to fight over 

Kripa Mahalingam | APR 23 , 2018

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

After reviving the family healthcare business and expanding into education, Manipal Group's Ranjan Pai has set another ambitious target

Kripa Mahalingam | APR 23 , 2018

Hi Flipkart! I’m Walmart

When change sets in, companies initially live in denial, and when it catches up, it’s too late

N Mahalakshmi | APR 23 , 2018

The Bane of Brands

Almost all brands are getting on the content marketing bandwagon with pressure to add to the content deluge

Lakshmipathy Bhat | APR 19 , 2018

Marketing Myth

Can good marketing fool people all the time?

Lakshmipathy Bhat | APR 11 , 2018

Call For Caution

Recent spate of defaults in microfinance securitisation transactions raises concern

Prateek Jaiswal | APR 03 , 2018