"Assure employees of support when they take a risk"

UBS India MD Aashish Kamat on how to create a culture of accountability

Have a clear strategy: Ensure that the organisation’s vision is clearly conveyed to all employees. I believe in the adage that ‘a mediocre strategy well-executed is better than a great strategy poorly executed.’ The roadmap must be simple so that each department understands what is expected of them. 

Equip employees with the right tools: The next step is to provide team members with the tools required to achieve targets. By making them feel like they are receiving the support they need, the organisation can instill confidence among employees. 

Encourage risk-taking: Assure employees of your support when they decide to take a risk. You must be aware of the changing dynamics in your business and see the big picture. Do not hold people responsible for factors out of their control. For instance, given the unpredictability of the markets, you have to evaluate a team members’ performance relative to the market. 

Collaboration works wonders: Stress a lot on the importance of team work and motivating and rewarding the team as they progress. This encourages integrity towards the job and the goal ahead. Rather than having one employee assigned to a task, I would prefer a team that has people with diverse skills, where each member excels at one aspect.

Accountability starts from the top: As a manager, you’re the leader of the team and accountability begins from you. Do not just give instructions but proactively check what the team requires to complete the task and if are they able to eliminate the barriers they are facing. As a leader, one has to not just monitor the performance at every level but also provide feedback. You must not just talk the talk but also walk the walk.