‘Access To Customer Service Is New For Indian Buyers’

Value ecommerce has emerged as the one-stop solution for consumers looking for value for time and money while shopping. Himanshu Chakrawarti, chief executive officer of Snapdeal Marketplace and Stellaro Brands, talks about five ways in which ecommerce has changed the Indian shopper’s behaviour forever

Published a year ago on Apr 01, 2023 1 minute Read
Himanshu Chakrawarti CEO, Snapdeal Marketplace and Stellaro Brands

01. Convenience

Given the predominance of unorganised retail in India, customers have traditionally had various issues with shopping in physical retail shops, like limited choice, difficulty in comparing prices and having to check multiple stores to get what they need. Ecommerce solves many of these issues with its focus on a wide range of assortments, easy availability of products, convenience of ordering any time, choice of payment options and stress-free returns.

02. Personalisation

Customers are getting accustomed to super personalisation driven by the machine learning algorithms of the top ecommerce sites that are getting trained on billions of data points. They get an experience that is unique to them and highly relevant and contextual at an individual level.

03. Access to Relevant Products

From influencers to retargeting, from customer posts on social media handles to user reviews, customers are experiencing the interplay between their social media lives and ecommerce—the ease of discovery, research and buying the relevant products and services online.

04. Value Maximisation

An overwhelming percentage of customers in India are from the value segment. They are finding the joy of online discovery of pricing, quality, user ratings and product detailing to make choices where they maximise the value from every purchase.

05. Enhanced Customer Service

The ease of reaching out to the ecommerce customer service teams is something new for Indian customers accustomed to the reluctant handling of post-purchase issues by most local retailers. The ability to access customer service round the clock through various modes like chatbots, chat support, call centre support and in-built apps provide customers with access to solutions.