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Heavenly Delight
This biryani food joint from Hyderabad with its delectable dishes promises a taste of paradise

Krishna Gopalan

Midas Touch

Chennai-based Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers is looking at online sales and foreign stores to further their legacy as a trusted ‘manufacturing jeweller’

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 13 , 2018

Second Serving

Jayaram Banan has elaborate plans to revive Sagar Ratna’s fortunes having bought back his stake from India Equity Partners

Himanshu Kakkar | MAR 30 , 2018

Tressure hunt

Salon chain Naturals has lined up an ambitious expansion spree. Will its gameplan pay off?

K Sreedevi | MAR 02 , 2018

Heavenly Delight

This biryani food joint from Hyderabad with its delectable dishes promises a taste of paradise

Krishna Gopalan | SEP 13 , 2017

Unbox Happiness

Karachi Bakery’s rich legacy, new product mix and sound expansion strategy have given it an edge in the bakery business

Siddhi Nayak | APR 28 , 2017

Shaking it up

Keventers is milking its retro appeal to pull in growth

Avantika Seth | JUL 27 , 2016

Caramel, Nuts and Cream

Belagavi-based Adityaa Milk Ice Cream is eyeing a bigger scoop of the growing domestic market 

Laveena Iyer | JUN 24 , 2016

Noodle ninja

Wai Wai has long conquered the northeast market and is now eyeing the rest of the country

Himanshu Kakkar | JUN 26 , 2015

Taking on the giants

Can Vijay Sales hold its own against bigger electronic retail chains?

Sneha Shankar | JUN 17 , 2015

Slow and steady

Menswear Turtle has grown beyond its humble origins. But can it survive the onslaught of low-priced mass brands?

Meghna Maiti | MAY 29 , 2015

A distinct flavour

Can Natural, the 31-year-old ice cream brand, scoop out a bigger market share by going national?

Sonia Mariam Thomas | FEB 06 , 2015

Eastern delight

How a Kolkata-based biscuits brand is giving industry heavyweights a run for their money

Meghna Maiti | JAN 23 , 2015

Goodness inside

Organic T-shirt brand No Nasties is helping Vidarbha’s farmers by making fair trade clothing fun

Mahithi Pillay | OCT 26 , 2013

Older and wiser

Nilgiri's has survived over a 100 years in the highly competitive retail space and plans to grow bigger

JUN 22 , 2013

Tressure hunt

Trends in Vogue is taking its south-centric salon brands national. Can it recreate the magic?

Lalitha Sridhar | MAY 11 , 2013

Sweet success

Havmor is expanding rapidly in western India, the biggest ice cream market in the country 

Krishna Gopalan | NOV 10 , 2012

A healthy appetite

BrownTree Retail’s chain of stores is capitalising on the growing fetish for healthy food down south 

Lalitha Sridhar | OCT 13 , 2012

Everyone's invited

Founder Prabhakar Kamath’s mantra of affordability has made Ideal Ice Cream a household name not only in Mangalore but in much of South India

Rajesh Padmashali | SEP 15 , 2012

Cracklin' good

Why maharashtra’s best-known chiwda brand plans to Add italian farsan and chinese bhel to its product portfolio

Michael Correya | AUG 18 , 2012

A clear vision

Eye-Q’s eye care lights up small town India with affordable ophthalmic services

Sudipto Dey | JUL 21 , 2012

More on his mind

With his existing restaurants serving goodies by the table-full, Vasudev Adiga now plans to go national 

Rajesh Padmashali | JUN 23 , 2012

Walking the talk

Kolkata-based shoemaker Khadim India is expanding furiously despite rising competition

Sudipto Dey | MAY 26 , 2012

More of the same

Monginis is hoping to be present in neighbourhoods across India by sticking to its basics

Arundhati Ramanathan | MAY 12 , 2012

Fading gloss

Pitambari’s future in the household cleaning segment looks dull — unless it can spruce up its flagship product

Arundhati Ramanathan | APR 28 , 2012