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The Good Life

Smooth Sailing
With companies such as Navnit Marine and Ocean Blue bringing world-class yachts to the Indian coast, you wouldn’t want to holiday on land anymore

Ankita Marwaha

Into the wind

With premium cycle brands such as Scott, Trek and Giant, you can pedal your way into weekends

Ankita Marwaha | JUL 19 , 2019

Smooth Sailing

With companies such as Navnit Marine and Ocean Blue bringing world-class yachts to the Indian coast, you wouldn’t want to holiday on land anymore

Ankita Marwaha | JUL 13 , 2019

Flight of fancy

Take a trip on the luxury aircraft from Qatar Airways’ or Singapore Airlines’ stables, and you will wish to stay on in the clouds

Ankita Marwaha | JUL 07 , 2019

The beautiful greens

Move over diamonds, Zambian and Colombian emeralds are the flavour of the season

Debangana Ghosh | JUN 29 , 2019

Gourmet mithais

These Indian halwais are giving your favourite traditional sweet an international twist

Debangana Ghosh | JUN 22 , 2019

On a silver platter

To eat like the kings, all you have to do is get invited to the next hottest wedding where luxury caterers Foodlink and Indian Accent at Home will blow away your taste buds!

Rishabh Bhatnagar | JUN 15 , 2019

Greatest sounds of music

The beauty of music lies in the beholder’s headphones. And if you are an audiophile, brands such as Audeze and Focal have you covered for all your needs

Ankita Marwaha | JUN 08 , 2019

Bond with fiction

Live through 007’s adventures or retrace the bloody steps of GoT’s royals in travel packages that cost up to Rs.580,000 per head

Ankita Marwaha | JUN 01 , 2019

Heavenly lights

Chandeliers made from hand-cut Swarovski crystal, and with wide spans detailed in gold, can cost up to £50 million

Ankita Marwaha | MAY 25 , 2019

Willow weed

You can watch the 2019 Cricket World Cup live from the pavilion balcony sipping fine wine, all for Rs.200,000 to Rs.1 million

Rishabh Bhatnagar | MAY 19 , 2019

Liquid Sunshine

For years, premium single malts have drawn the uber rich to auction houses, to spend even Rs.108 million on a bottle

Tanya Baisoya | MAY 04 , 2019

The Seamaster

One of Omega’s most iconic timepieces, the original Seamaster Professional Diver 300M celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, the brand has unveiled a complete...

APR 27 , 2019

Regally married

Couples have raised the bar on destination weddings, spending upto Rs.70 million, ably planned by Regal Weddings, L’Amore and 3Production Weddings

Tanya Baisoya | APR 21 , 2019

Gilded Girls

With a few millions, you can upgrade your bachelorette parties from naughty to sinfully indulgent

Tanya Baisoya | APR 13 , 2019

Taking to the skies

If you want to host an office party thousands of feet above the ground or need your aircraft to smell of a favourite fruit, hire a private charter for Rs.150,000 to Rs.600,000 an hour

Anwesha Mitra | APR 06 , 2019

The Six-Yard Story

Vidhi Singhania unfolds the magic woven by our master craftsmen as she joins the tribe of designers 

MAR 31 , 2019

An Eco-Luxe Stay!

Located in the rich forests of India, tree houses in Vyithiri Resort, The Machan and Pugdundee Safaris elevate you and rejuvenate your soul

Tanya Baisoya | MAR 30 , 2019

Royal leisure

Rent rooms for a million a night, where elaborately dressed butlers and limousines are a snap of fingers away  

Krishna Gopalan | MAR 24 , 2019

Cruising To The Poles

Uber-luxury cruises to distant corners are catching on, but it will set you back by at least ₹900,000 per head

Himanshu Kakkar | MAR 16 , 2019

Sleek, Sophisticate Storage

Premium English brand Lapis Bard’s new Watch and Accessory Case is the perfect answer to the contemporary man’s need to marry style with sophistication

FEB 02 , 2019

Coat of honour

Nehru jackets are being redesigned and deconstructed as bespoke luxury 

Debangana Ghosh | JAN 27 , 2019

An Ode To The Old

Triute to the customs and heritage of Indian weddings, the Devi Bridal Collection, by Forevermark and House of Rose, comprises diamond bridal sets to suit the new-age bride’s tastes

JAN 13 , 2019

Homage To Homer

From fountain pen to a new special ink colour, the new Montblanc Writers Edition beautifully celebrates the literary legacy of the first and greatest poet of the Antiquity, Homer

JAN 12 , 2019

Gilted wheels

Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Benz have launched SUVs that will redefine your long road trips

Tanya Baisoya | DEC 23 , 2018