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Pursuit of Happiness

Bottled treasure
Cathay Pacific’s Mark Sutch is a passionate oenophile, whose wine collection boasts hundreds of bottles, each carrying a cherished memory

Deepika Agrawal

Through the viewfinder

Rajdeep Endow, MD, Sapient India, takes to street photography whenever he can find the time

Sudipto Dey | MAY 26 , 2012

The balancing act

Fear isn’t necessarily a bad emotion, so don’t be afraid of it

Dr Shyam Bhat | MAY 12 , 2012

"If success were easy, everybody would be a millionaire"

Jack Canfield opens up on his new book, his mentor and his favourite soup

Rajesh Padmashali | MAY 12 , 2012

The alchemy of laughter

Superficial laughter drains us. Authentic, genuine laughter gives us resilience

Dr Shyam Bhat | APR 28 , 2012

Totally Filmi

It’s Bollywood non-stop for Kamani Tubes’ Kalpana Saroj

Taneesha Kulshrestha | APR 28 , 2012

Finding harmony

Pay attention to your feelings. Otherwise, your body will force you to acknowledge them

Dr Shyam Bhat | APR 14 , 2012

Falling off the map

Mjunction Services’ Viresh Oberoi has backpacked around the world — and has the tales to prove it

Sudipto Dey | APR 14 , 2012

Feel before you think

Your emotional state is the key to untapped intellectual potential

Dr Shyam Bhat | MAR 31 , 2012

Check mate

Ramco Systems’ Venketrama Raja sees the world in black and white

Veena Venugopal | MAR 31 , 2012

Getting a grip

Answers present themselves when we observe and accept a difficult situation

Dr Shyam Bhat | MAR 17 , 2012

Stacking them up

VR Ferose has had a lifelong affair…with books 

Sudipto Dey | MAR 17 , 2012

Different strokes

Shombit Sengupta persuades CEOs creatively to paint for unusual reasons

Meenakshi Radhakrishnan-Swami | MAR 03 , 2012

Gung-ho over Ganesha

O&M’s chief Piyush Pandey shares his love for the elephant-headed deity

Arundhati Ramanathan | MAR 03 , 2012

Experience the meaning

Life itself is the answer to life’s questions. Meaning is an experience, not a concept

Dr Shyam Bhat | MAR 03 , 2012

The end is your beginning

A life lived in full awareness of its transience is liberating and invigorating

Dr Shyam Bhat | FEB 19 , 2012

No match

Munesh Khanna's love affair with matchboxes started in 1985. the senior partner at Grant Thornton has over 5,500 of them and isn't slowing down

Krishna Gopalan | FEB 18 , 2012

Soldiering on

CP Krishnan Nair has worn several hats in his 90 years: soldier, businessman, hotelier and always, patriot

Veena Venugopal | FEB 04 , 2012

Objects of desire

You don’t need anything to experience joy

Dr Shyam Bhat | FEB 04 , 2012

Running the course

Ravi K Sheth, managing director of Great Eastern Shipping, on marathons and fitness

Veena Venugopal | JAN 21 , 2012

Behind The Mask

Play your part, but remember who you really are

Dr Shyam Bhat | JAN 21 , 2012