Recall value

In its new campaign, Parle Products goes whacky to stay relevant

Creativity, they sometimes say, is the offspring of limitation. But how do you push the limits for a brand that has been around for almost a century, and still manage to keep it sprightly, fresh and relevant? 

What you do is go whacky, which is exactly what Taproot Dentsu seems to be doing in Parle Products’ latest ad campaign titled Naam Toh Suna Hi Hoga. Over a series of four TVCs, the campaign’s main objective is to connect cherished but, in the minds of the consumers, isolated brands back to the mother brand, Parle. 

These short TVCs feature two people pitted against each other in situations that can be best described as awkward: a mother having to listen to the principal complaining about her son, or an employee confronting a betraying senior colleague. It is in these circumstances that the whackiness can be brought into play, in ways that are crisp, snappy and fresh. Agnello Dias, co-founder and chief creative officer, Taproot India says, “We felt the larger message would embed itself better if we delivered it in a more engaging manner than one normally does.”

Creatively delivered in neat little snippets of 20 seconds each, the ads are over before you realise it and all you’re left with is an effect of a punch, accentuated by the rather unsubtle sound effect at the end. Says Mayank Shah, category head, Parle Products, “This campaign successfully utilises our key messages and weaves it in a manner that has built a strong recall value.” Cranking up the whacky quotient does seem to work in their favour, for you do remember the punch.

You can watch the campaign series here.