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IDFC Bank’s new campaign BankingNibhao focuses on delivery of quick banking solutions

Do customers need a friend or a banker?  While banking ads are currently promising to be a friend, philosopher and what not, the need of the customers is an efficient banker. The new BankingNibhao campaign from IDFC Bank attempts to convey the same, reiterating their position as the ‘Bank of now’.

The objective was to place the customer’s needs in the centre and create appropriate solutions such as swift account opening, seamless management of saving and current accounts and provision of banking at ration shops in rural areas says Rajiv Lall, CEO, IDFC Bank. “The customers’ requirements today have evolved and this reflects in their expectations from a bank. Hence, we have taken a differentiated approach – one that is focused on solutions and customer convenience,” he says.

Being a new name in the sector, Lall adds that the spotlight is on demographics where reservations about trying a new player are lower. “This includes the MSME/entrepreneur segment, salaried individuals and the large underserved population of rural India,” he says.

Apart from delivering the bank’s message, the satirical tone of the campaign subtly takes a dig at its contemporaries for their clichéd takes. Suraja Kishore, national head - planning, McCann Truth Central, says it was an effort to infuse change in the way the sector is being advertised, “Behavioural insights told us that millennial mindset consumers desired more of banking and less of mush to be delivered by a bank. A score of ideas, campaigns and manifestos later, we realised that banking still is painful and that before all else, a bank should just do banking for its customers – as quickly and efficiently as possible. So we decided to create a campaign that’s truthful, light and engaging,” he says.