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The Rise of The OTTs
The video streaming market is likely to explode to $5 billion by 2023. Sit up and watch

V Keshavdev

Perilous Monopoly

The country’s biggest stock exchange is going through a tumultuous phase. Will the new CEO help NSE regain its lost reputation?

V Keshavdev | SEP 14 , 2017

Creating a Legacy of His Own

After building Bajaj Finserv into a finance powerhouse, what's next on Sanjiv Bajaj's mind?

Jash Kriplani | AUG 04 , 2017

Dream Makeover

Maruti Suzuki has perfected the art of staying relevant for finicky consumers

Himanshu Kakkar | JUL 07 , 2017

Under The Weather- Part 1

The domestic pharma industry, which is already battling the US FDA, has now to contend with regulatory challenges at home

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 26 , 2017

Under The Weather - Part 2

Even as it battles the US FDA, the industry has been caught off-guard by policy changes back home

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 26 , 2017

You Owe Us - Part 1

A few ARCs are aggressively bidding for non-performing assets of banks. Can they fix the bad debt problem or are they throwing good money after bad?

Jash Kriplani | MAY 12 , 2017

You Owe Us - Part 2

Asset Reconstruction Companies are banking on the newly introduced bankruptcy law to monetise the non-performing assets that they are taking over

Jash Kriplani | MAY 12 , 2017

On a Collision Course

It’s a do or die battle as local taxis slug it out with Ola and Uber. But it’s not going to be a joyride for the cab aggregators either

Himanshu Kakkar | APR 28 , 2017

Getting it Right

The GST regime could be the answer to India’s complex logistics network

V Keshavdev | APR 14 , 2017

Who Will Be Left Smiling In The Data War?

Will Reliance Jio lead the explosive growth in data or trigger a sector implosion?

Krishna Gopalan | MAR 31 , 2017

Netflix now streaming...

Netflix’s premium positioning may not fetch it the VOD crown in India, but it will still end up a winner

V Keshavdev | FEB 03 , 2017

Tata's Trust Deficit

It’s ironical. Cyrus Mistry was seen as a convenient option rather than the best choice to head the Tata group. Now, his ouster seems to be proving anything but that

N Mahalakshmi, Krishna Gopalan | DEC 08 , 2016

Cocoa Crossfire

Ferrero is aiming for an ever bigger share of the Indian market. But will Mondelēz let it?

Krishna Gopalan | NOV 25 , 2016

The Big Small Wonder

Finally, India’s biggest small carmaker seems to have a serious competitor. Can the latter really build on its initial success? 

Krishna Gopalan | SEP 20 , 2016

Building a lifestyle

How the Dubai-based Group became a retail Landmark by tailoring an India-specific strategy

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 18 , 2016

Sunshine or Sunstroke?

With aggressively low tariffs and the spectre of looming curtailment, the long-term viability of utility-scale solar projects seems uncertain

Rajat Ubhaykar | AUG 04 , 2016

Changing track

Can IRCTC go beyond its ticketing business to become a one-stop travel and tourism powerhouse?  

Krishna Gopalan, Himanshu Kakkar | JUN 27 , 2016

Fervent chirping

Twitter wants to grow in India by going local. Will its strategy click?

Himanshu Kakkar | JUN 03 , 2016

Picture Abhi Baaki Hai

How Mexican chain Cinepolis is doing its best to corner the movie-going experience in India

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 16 , 2016

Bubbling over

Amid the flurry of investments in start-ups, failures are rising too. will this lead to more realistic valuations?

Kripa Mahalingam | APR 25 , 2016

From good day to better

CEO Varun Berry has baked up growth at Britannia. Can he keep it crispy?

Krishna Gopalan | FEB 19 , 2016

Can Abidali Neemuchwala put an end to Wipro's woes?

After relying on internal choices and battling below industry growth rates, Wipro turns to an outsider to turn its fortune around

Kripa Mahalingam | FEB 16 , 2016

Bad debt or death bed?

Evergreening of loans is keeping several over-leveraged companies alive. What could be the endgame?

Jitendra Kumar Gupta, Jash Kriplani | DEC 14 , 2015

"My concern is the consequences of pushing financial asset prices away...

Mohamed El-Erian on the need to moderate the overflowing liquidity spigot

N Mahalakshmi | NOV 30 , 2015