Okay, how fast is fast? If we are talking of hot wheels, the Bugatti Vey- ron Super Sport with a top speed of 431 km per hour holds the world title, though the Hennessey Venom GT broke the record this February when it hit 435 kmph on the space shuttle runway at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. At Outlook Business, we have defined fast as firms that can continue to grow their revenue at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% by staying profitable in each of the five years, debt/equity ratio less than 2X and also deliver a minimum return on capital employed (RoCE) of 15% every year. These criteria form the bedrock of our annual compilation, brought together in the Fastest Growing Companies special issue.


Consumer companies dominate the sector-wise tally

Since companies were yet to declare full-year numbers for FY14 when the exercise began, we annualised the nine months’ performance for computing revenue CAGR. What is striking about the exercise is that in just three years, the list has shrunk dramatically: beginning with 40 companies in 2012, it fell to 30 in 2013 and is now at 17 companies. Now, that is a telling commentary, considering that the filters were applied to over 3,200 listed companies across the two national bourses with sales in excess of


You don’t want to be left behind. Do you?

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