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Great Places to Work’s first ever employee survey of India’s humanitarian sector

Soumik Kar

 Though most of us spend our time competing with peers in terms of job satisfaction, the fact that there are jobs in the social sector beyond the purview of such petty politics is more than apparent to each of us. After all, doing something for your fellow human beings ranks high on the list of self-satisfying actions. It is to quantify this satisfaction that research, consulting and training firm Great Places to Work (GPTW) moved past its corporate-centric surveys to list the best NGOs to work for in India instead this year.

With over 20 organisations participating in the survey, GPTW discovered that, on an average, 77% of the respondents believed that their organisation was a great place to work for. So, what makes it a ‘great place to work’? GPTW’s practice head Preeti Malhotra says, “Trust, pride and camaraderie are our top criteria, among others, when we decide if a place is indeed a great place to work at. We check whether the employees trust the employers, see if they feel proud to work for their organisations and if they get along well with — and look up to — their peers."

Rizwan Tayabali, Make A DifferenceMake A Difference











If you ask Malhotra what really makes people stick around at the top NGOs in the country, she says the reasons are two-fold, “These organisations have simple, single-minded mission — that is what larger corporates could learn from. Also, what we noticed is the equity of treatment. They look at each employee as an individual who contributes to the greater good of the organisation and as someone who has the opportunity to voice their opinions and be part of executive decisions.” 


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