How mid-tier IT player Cyient is changing into a product company

Hyderabad-based software company Cyient believes the future lies in systems and solutions

Harsha Vadlamani

Engineering is something that has always been close to BVR Mohan Reddy’s heart. A mechanical engineer by education, he pioneered computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) in India by introducing computer systems for design and manufacturing as early as 1982 as the MD of Tata Group company, OMC Computers. Indeed, having started off as a shop floor manager at DCM Industries, engineering had been part of most of his 18-year career, barring two stints of three years each, at Mico Bosch as a systems analyst and as sales manager at HCL tech. “In my heart, I always wanted be an entrepreneur, but coming from a middle class background, I was always stumped at the question, ‘What experience do you have in running a business?’ So, I decided to get some experience before I started,” says the executive chairman of Cyient (formerly, Infotech Enterprises).