Outstanding Women

Queen of Quirk

Shubhra Chadda’s chic design and intuitive business sense is behind the magnetic pull of her India-themed lifestyle brand and souvenir store, Chumbak   

Photograph by RA Chandroo

There is something about the way she talks that draws one to her story. Her narratives are punctuated by innocent giggles and the faint ring of an anklet charm. She narrates with a twinkle in her eyes and the tone keeps going up by a few notches. The setting is complete for a storytelling session with a hot mug of coffee, a quiet corner and the house labrador, Hugo, snug at our feet. Shubhra Chadda goes on to describe how she set up the India-themed retail lifestyle chain and its design studio along with her husband, Vivek Prabhakar. While the story of Chumbak (which means ‘magnet’ in Hindi) began seven years ago, the inspiration for setting up a souvenir store was brewing right from the time Chadda was a little girl.