Another dark night, in the city
And my prospects lookin' thin
The survival, of the fittest
Is the law, in the world I live in

I was not born, to be a fighter
But now's the time I have to learn
To keep my head, above the water
Gotta play with fire, but not get burned

I got no time, to sit and wonder
I got myself, to reckon with
Yeah and life won't drag me under
Even if it takes, all I have to give
I'll give it all

I gotta stand up, I gotta face it
Don't want to lose it
Ooh I want to taste it while it's hot
Don't want to waste it, my mind's made up

I'm gonna win
I'm gonna win
I tell you, see when it comes down to the crunch
I've gotta beat life to the punch
I'm gonna win
Somehow I know I'm gonna win
You know
I've got to fight to stay alive
Kick it in to overdrive
I'm gonna win, ooh, ooh, ooh
I'm gonna win

I'm gonna win
I'm gonna win
You see it's a matter of pride
Deep down inside
I'm gonna win
Gonna win, gonna win
Ooh, I'll pay the price
Gonna win
No more Mr. Nice
Gonna win
Hey, just watch me roll the dice
I'm gonna win, win, win
I'm gonna win, win, gonna win
I'm gonna win
I know I'm gonna win

*It is gumption that defines an entrepreneur. The journey for most of them is long and lonely until they reach a certain size. The stakes are even higher for those who have scaled up. And in the direst of times it is stubborn doggedness that keeps them going. This 1981 track from the Album 4 © Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, written by Michael Jones and sung by lead vocalist Lou Gramm of British-American rock band Foreigner verbalises that maniacal belief. While this morale boosting affirmation slipped by unnoticed, Waiting for a Girl Like You, from the same album turned out to be a chartbuster. You win some, you lose some, but you keep on striving, is the dictum of every successful entrepreneur. Foreigner went on to score their biggest hit I Want to Know What Love Is in 1985.