Good Businesses 2017

A Level Playing Field

SV Agri’s ecosystem for potato farming is proving to be a win-win for growers as well as food processors

Photographs by Soumik Kar

At first we only caught a whiff of it. But as we walked towards the tiny processing unit we were welcomed by that comforting and warm aroma that we’re all too familiar with. As we filed up on the short stairway, waiting for the doors to open, our minds conjured up images of what the scene would be like. And sure enough there they were: sliced, diced, mashed, and blanched — potatoes in different sizes and shapes. They each made their way to an industrial fryer, releasing a mouth-watering aroma that has earned this tuber a universal fan following. Hemant Gaur, an agri veteran who runs this potato processing plant in Chakan, is one such potato-lover. And this fondness for tuber combined with his 17-year experience led to the establishment of Siddhivinayak Agri Processing (SV Agri).