Good Businesses 2013

Making their voices heard

RuralShores is driving employment by taking BPO jobs to the hinterland

Photographs by Deepak G Pawar

Murali Vullaganti still remembers the day he visited the home of some young employees working at the Chennai office of his former employer, the UK-based BPO, Xansa. Vullaganti, now 57, had helped Xansa set up 5,000-seat facility in India between 2003 and 2005 and hired talent from rural areas. During an employee connect programme, he was shocked to see them living in deplorable conditions, with over a dozen young men squeezed into a 600 sq ft apartment. Struggling to adapt to life in the big city, they were not able to save anything from their ₹10,000 stipends to send to their families. Vullaganti then decided to start working part-time and devote his full energy into making a difference in the lives of these marginalised youth.