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Poopy matters come to the forefront as scientists in the country showcase their efforts to reinvent the toilet

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You’ve pinched your nose, shut your eyes and switched to happy, rose-tinted thoughts, but the image of hundreds of people defecating out in the open is hard to erase from your head. Countless companies and non-governmental organisations have endeavoured to tackle this issue and prioritise proper sanitation facilities in the country, but failed to innovate. It’s a tough job, considering 640 million people defecate in the open each day, producing 72,000 tonne of waste. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has now taken up the challenge with its Reinvent The Toilet Fair that was recently organised in Delhi. This was the exhibit set up by Loughborough University to show how waste can be sanitised and reused using minimal water or electricity and at a low cost. Time to clean up our act?