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Real or mythical?
India is churning out unicorns faster than ever. Which start-ups will be the next billion-dollar companies? 

N Mahalakshmi

"Timely execution and quick decision making hold the key to scaling up"

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari’s plain-speak at NPCC’s Foundation Day event was nothing short of a crash course in management

V Keshavdev | JAN 10 , 2019

Retail Done Right

Noel Tata's vision has been the singular force behind the spectacular success of Trent

N Mahalakshmi | JAN 04 , 2019

The MSME Conundrum

Is the RBI’s pre-emptive move for MSMEs an indication of hidden stress in the banking system?

V Keshavdev | JAN 03 , 2019

Are you serious with your New Year resolution?

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps

Billy Paul Ebenezer | DEC 24 , 2018

Food for the Soul

In this indulgence-filled year-end special edition Outlook Business, celebrates three loves – food, fashion and travel – without apology

N Mahalakshmi | DEC 21 , 2018

Urjit Patel's impersonal exit

The government’s demand for transfer of Rs.360,000 crore from its reserves is Plan B for the failure of demonetisation

N Mahalakshmi | DEC 11 , 2018

Never say die

Outlook Business chronicles inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs who were not afraid to pursue their passion

N Mahalakshmi | DEC 10 , 2018

Get ready for the big Bitcoin renaissance

Silicon Valley icon Tim Draper on why he believes the cryptocurrency, riding on blockchain and big data, will radically transform the world that we live in

DEC 04 , 2018

Count me in

The Walmart-Flipkart deal was much-needed validation that Indian start-ups can scale and this has stoked the interest of global investors

N Mahalakshmi | NOV 29 , 2018

Been Here, Not Seen That

Whenever NBFCs failed in the past, the banking system was robust. That’s no longer the case and precisely why investors are edgy

N Mahalakshmi | OCT 25 , 2018

Soul Advantage

How ‘India’s Best NGOs to Work For’ draw the right talent by offering more than just a noble cause

Razeyeh Jalali | OCT 22 , 2018

Simply say, SHE ROCKS!

There is a sure-shot formula for companies to make workplaces inviting for women, And a few are already implementing this easy-to-replicate model. All you need is intent

Sandhya Ramesh | OCT 03 , 2018

New Playing Field

Large Indian IT companies are playing catch-up as their clients aggressively go digital

N Mahalakshmi | OCT 01 , 2018

The race of our lives revisited

Human beings have a history of responding well only to more immediate and tangible threats

Jeremy Grantham | SEP 17 , 2018

Credit Where It Is Due

Some companies are going beyond their brief and creating conditions for women employees to succeed

N Mahalakshmi | SEP 14 , 2018

Double Trouble

The pessimism that has engulfed the currency could end up taking stocks down a slippery path

N Mahalakshmi | AUG 30 , 2018

Emerging Markets—No Reward Without Risk

While there may be more pain in the short term, emerging markets are still the best investment opportunity available today

Ben Inker | AUG 22 , 2018

Adding Another Scoop

HUL snaps up Adityaa Milk to strengthen its position in the fast growing ice-cream and frozen dessert market

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 14 , 2018

Nordic Powerhouse

The Indian market has foxed many a dreamy-eyed MNC, but Ikea is going all out to win

N Mahalakshmi | AUG 03 , 2018

Adding Human Intelligence

Be careful before you remove the human from the consumer engagement equation 

Subrahmanyam KVJ | JUL 31 , 2018

In It For The Long-Haul

IndiGo needs a new success formula if it wants to crack long-haul

N Mahalakshmi | JUL 09 , 2018

Driving On Empty

If a sense of urgency is missing among automakers in taking electric seriously, it is because of the huge investments that have already gone into making conventional cars

N Mahalakshmi | JUN 19 , 2018

Career Advice I Wish I Had Paid Heed To...

Here's how to build a fulfilling professional life  

Lakshmipathy Bhat | JUN 19 , 2018

Beware of Those Bearing Gifts

Predicting future investment return based on current asset prices can increase the risk of capital loss

Glen Finegan | JUN 18 , 2018