"Using celebrities is a strategy that belies a luxury brand"

Roland Folger, MD and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, on how to sustain Premium Brand Positioning in the country

Published 4 years ago on Jun 03, 2016 Read

Heighten customer engagement: The heart of a brand is the customer relationship it curates. Today, luxury car patrons are highly knowledgeable and choose brands that offer personalised customer engagement experiences. The objective should be to generate affinity with the brand.

Push experiences underlining bespoke luxury: Create experiences that are unique, privileged and personalised at every consumer touch point. Luxury is an expression of refined taste and individuality, and as a luxury brand, a bespoke experience has to be created. Patrons remember such customised experiences.

Create superior brand value: Creating the highest brand value by leveraging all intangible elements — time, heritage, place of origin, craftsmanship, uniquely identifiable design, limited series and discerning clients — differentiates the brand and creates a unique luxury value.

Stay away from celebrity endorsements: While many may differ with this approach, I think using celebrities is a strategy that belies a luxury brand. We don’t use celebrities to endorse products because our customers themselves are distinguished achievers and wouldn’t be lured by such endorsements.

Keep consumers hooked: Adding newer elements in terms of features and attributes that redefine the segment is very important. The brand should try to innovate, chart out new territories and unexplored avenues and keep up a contemporary appeal. Today’s consumers are restless and need to be hooked with regular product novelties.


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