"Open and cheerful places help break the monotony of boardrooms"

L’Oréal India MD Jean-Christophe Letellier on five ways to unleash creativity at the workplace
Published 5 years ago on Jun 26, 2015 Read
Soumik Kar

Philosophical ping-pong: We believe that excellence and creativity are born out of contrasting opinions. To make confrontations productive, we bring together employees from different disciplines. Vast improvements to our products are born out of these philosophical ping-pong games. Clashes also encourage employees to listen to one another. 

Culture variation: We give our employees a chance to work in different markets to gain experience. Interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds brings out the best in employees. This allows mutual learning and creates awareness.  

Open infrastructure: Employees are often busy completing their daily work, which leaves no time for thinking. Having open spaces, indoor and outdoor gardens, cafés, libraries and game zones is a must in today’s corporate world. Open and cheerful spaces for meetings also help break the monotony of boardrooms. 

Consumer connect: Panels and studies are not enough to understand customers. We encourage managers to establish direct conversations during home visits and ongoing research in order to hear the consumers speak first-hand.  

Try it once, take it apart, try again: This simple phrase is part of the verbal heritage at L’Oréal. The staff must never rest on its laurels. We try very hard to keep healthy anxiety alive and that’s at the heart of our success. 


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