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"Mentoring employees will help in achieving the desired outcome"
Kuoni India's MD Rajeev Wagle, elucidates on how non-monetary incentives can go a long way in boosting employee performance

Verbal recognition: People want to be recognised and appreciated. It is extremely important to have a performance management system at each level so as to boost an employee’s confidence. 

Give proper feedback: Regularly conducting employee engagement surveys and putting into action the feedback will further drive employees to contribute their best. Constantly giving them appropriate feedback will ultimately lead to creating a strong bond

Supporting teamwork and cooperation: Team-based incentives should be a part of every company as they are found to be more effective compared with individual incentives. It has a significant impact on performance, team bonding and the company’s goals.

Mentoring and coaching:Helping the growth of employees through mentoring programmes leads to overall development of the company’s talent pool. A good coach helps employees reach their goals and a good mentor guides and provides the right direction to achieve the desired results.

Supporting new initiatives: Encouraging new ideas further helps employees grow and boost their confidence. Supporting the idea or the initiative and further developing it into an opportunity paves the way for a good leader in the process.

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