“Instill a transparent process that identifies high performers”

Harsha Kadam, CEO, Schaeffler India on five ways to build leadership in an organisation

Published 5 months ago on Apr 25, 2020 Read

Pursue shared vision: In order to realise the organisation’s long-term goal, employees need to identify themselves with its vision. That vision needs to not only accommodate their ambition and aspiration but, over a period of time, seek their active input in strategy formulation. This lays the foundation for resilient team building.

Ingrain integrity: Competitive intensity creates its own temptation to pursue shortcuts. Hence, there has to be absolute clarity with respect to the organisation’s ethical charter. Enforcing the guidelines strictly weeds out those who find the organisation’s strict adherence to integrity stifling.

Fast track growth: Instill a transparent process that identifies high performers and facilitates their rise up the hierarchy. Extra initiative and outstanding output needs to be visibly rewarded. This helps in retention of high performing talent and motivates them to sustain their outperformance.

Engage and mentor: Along with peer and monetary recognition, it is critical that high performers be handheld as they step into critically important roles. Clearly defined mentors, both within and outside the organisation will ensure that their learning curve keeps pace with their individual ambition.

Nurture risk-taking: Many high performers, as they rise up the ladder, tend to slip into maintenance mode. However, to sustain its leadership position, an organisation needs the right mix of preservation and risk taking. Appropriate back-up mitigation and not castigating failure lead to cumulative learning and loyalty, which pays off over the years.


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