“An organisation’s leadership pipeline is the true measure of a leader’s legacy”

Bikesh Ogra, Global CEO, Sterling and Wilson Solar, on five ways to build leadership in an organisation 

Published 2 months ago on Jul 31, 2020 Read

Lead from the front: A true leader is one who nurtures talent and builds the organisation’s leadership pipeline. Nurturing talent not only demonstrates successful leadership, it is also the true measure of a leader’s legacy. Create leaders who outperform your own leadership capabilities.

Build the ecosystem: Nourish an environment where talent and hard work, indeed, does propel you to the top. Every individual’s potential and drive should be matched by the organisation in terms of growth opportunity. While most budding leaders tend to be ardent followers, filter out competence and shun sycophancy.

Encourage excellence: Consistency is the hallmark of every budding leader. Mark out special performers as role models within the company. It will boost overall execution excellence and provide a transparency marker for those who want to rise up the ladder.

Let go gradually: Empowerment is at the core of every leadership-creating process. Authority and responsibility should be gradually transferred to those in the leadership pipeline. Maintain oversight and step in only if needed. Nurturing leaders is about first giving up authority and then eventually handing over responsibility.

Institutionalise the process: The genesis of a successful business is rooted in leadership that not only builds the business, but also builds future leaders. Home-grown leaders can take the business to new heights, on the foundation of great leadership.


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