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Adoro is your gateway to staying trendy

Have you browsed through most e-com websites and still haven’t been able to figure out where that Facebook acquaintance of yours got her dress from? To solve that mystery, Shobhit Agarwal, Prateek Srivastava and Parthasarathi Sinha came together to start Adoro, a social e-commerce platform for women to buy styles they like.

“Take a picture of yourself and tag the items you are wearing. Share it on Adoro with your followers or send it directly as a private message to people you want,” says Sinha. As soon as the product is tagged, with the help of visual search technology, items are recognized and are looked up in the inventory. The user can either buy the item worn by their style icons or other products showcased on Adoro.

Sinha further explains that the application is not just a style diary but a full shoppable app showcasing products from multiple brands and online platforms such as Jabong and Snapdeal. “If a product or a look catches your fancy, you can find exact or similar styles to those seen in the image and buy it straight from the app. We have about 1,800-2,000 brands registered with us of which Vero Moda, Zara and Forever 21 see the maximum attraction,” he adds.

Being integrated with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it helps in finding friends, trendsetters, brands and topics to follow and build their own style community. “As soon as the order is taken, the customer isn’t redirected to any other website. We continuously track the product, however, the delivery is done by the brand themselves,” he says.

Currently selling just women apparels, accessories, bags, jewellery(fashion and precious), lingerie and shoes, Adoro works on an average commission charge ranging between 10-12%. “We are currently in talks with Vero Moda and will include offline boutiques in future.” With a 70% accuracy in identifying styles, the start-up gets 50% of its traffic from tier-2 cities.


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