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Dealshare appeals to the bargain hunter in every Indian’s heart

Jaipur-based start-up has built a fast-growing business around our love for finding a good deal and sharing it with loved ones 

From L to R: Rajat Shikhar, founder and chief product officer; Sankar Bora, founder and chief operating officer; Sourjyendu Medda, founder and chief business officer and chief financial officer; Vineet Rao, founder and chief executive officer

Everyone loves a good deal. There have been sightings even of the British royals browsing through discount-racks (though that may never be shown in The Crown). Therefore, it seems like common sense to bring all the best deals on a single platform, particularly in a price-sensitive market like India where “last price?” can be declared a national catchphrase. There are various such platforms too, and they come in many formats—ones that arrange for cashbacks on purchase, ones that collate offers/discounts and ones that put together coupons from various brands. In this crowd, Jaipur-based Dealshare stands out.

This start-up does not merely advertise deals, they craft these deals by working together with small manufacturers. These manufacturers, of local brands and white-label goods, have high-quality products but may suffer from a poor marketing and distribution network. Today, Dealshare has around 1,000 such manufacturer-partners and, for some of them, the platform provides 75% or more of their business.

Dealshare, founded in September 2018, is unlike other deal-discovery platforms because of its ‘social’ nature. Its primary medium is not a website but WhatsApp and now a mobile app. The platform aims to help people find and forward good bargains to their loved ones; it offers deal-hunting as a social activity.


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