No Humans Involved

It’s a change that is seeping in slowly. Will robots now Make in India?

Soumik Kar

“There is free software available on our website. We invite users to learn how to operate robots. That’s where the new jobs are going to be” says Pradeep David, general manager – India, Universal Robots. If one listens to David carefully, the message is pretty straightforward. That as humans we have arrived, once again. While the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century took away sickles and handed out screwdrivers, it’s going to be a different story this time. Machines will handle machines. In other words, robots will handle production lines. Humans will just oversee. That’s how large factories in the developed world are already looking like. In May 2016, the mega giant of manufacturing Foxconn shocked the world by firing 60,000 of the 110,000 workers in one of its factories in China, replacing them all by robots. It reinforced the scary statistical predictions by some economists that robots are going to eat away 50% of all jobs in next five years.