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Trusting The Ropes ’Amar’ For A Bigger Catch

Building the business on excellent customer satisfaction 

Published 2 months ago on Aug 19, 2021 3 minutes Read
Mr. Uday Raj, Amar Polyfils Pvt Ltd

Creating a niche in the industry, Amar Polyfils Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat, has been serving its clients to the best of their satisfaction and meeting their expectations. Since its inception in 1994, the company has established itself as a reputed manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Fishing Net, Diamond Rope, PP Rope HDPE Twine, PP Twine in India but Also globally. All the products are manufactured keeping in mind the variegated requirements of different industries. This has been its USP in the market, with many global competitors.

It takes a vision to build a company, but that vision will never be achieved without passion and commitment. Mr. Uday Raj, a young man, had the idea to build a company in India that will create huge demand among the aqua business community for its products. It took him three decades of experience but provided him with a solid foundation to grow his business.

An Innovation that was much needed:

When Mr. Uday Raj thought about steering his company into a new direction, he initiated key programmes that led to developing products such as a safety net, agriculture net, rock net, fencing net, ginger net and kismiss net.

“Our competition didn’t see much success in these areas. But, fishermen loved the innovations offered by Amar Polyfils. One reason was that we adopted certain manufacturing practices that made the company internationally compliant with global standards,” says Mr. Uday Raj, Director Amar Polyfils.

Not only did Mr. Uday ensure that he worked with the highest quality suppliers and vendors, but he also listened to the needs of his customer and delivered a product that was mass-adopted among the community.

Diversification for business development:

Mr. Uday took charge of the core strategy for the company and focused on expansions, diversification and business-customer relationships.

“It wasn’t easy to weather the storm as there were multiple unforeseen problems that crept up. Sometimes, raw materials weren’t available for the successful production of finished goods. We knew that innovation and diversification of the core business into marine collagen and dry fishmeal business could be the masterstroke,” says Raj.

It was indeed a brilliant move, though risky, that paid dividends.

The management was able to visualise that the consumer preferences had evolved ahead of supply-side economics. Mr. Uday was confident that this, among other developments, innovation and diversification, would prove to be a success for the company.

Evolving the business through kaizen, 5Ms, TQM, CAT, STF, 5S, Lean, and JIT, Mr. Uday aimed to improve the quality of the production and, at the same time, ensure that the inventory was managed effectively.

He ensured that the company manufactured products with excellent strength, where lightweight controlled elongation, high flexibility, and high abrasion resistance.

Over the years, the system and process have been updated with technologically advanced machinery that facilitates conducting a complete production process efficiently. This has helped Amar Polyfils meet the customer’s demands efficiently and complete the orders within the set deadlines.