Big Idea

Stoned and loving it

An affordable daily-wear jewellery brand that offers women a collection of trendy pieces

Soumik Kar

In his previous avatar as an analyst, Manit Varaiya sniffed out sound investment opportunities for a living. In doing so he realised that there was a scalable business opportunity staring him in the face — an affordable daily-wear jewellery brand that offered women a variety of cheap and trendy pieces. “Gold and diamond sets are costly and can’t be updated often. So, I decided to sell handcrafted earrings (₹500-₹2,500), rings (₹800-₹1,500), bracelets, pendants (₹1,000-₹2,500) and neckpieces (₹3,000 and above) made from semi-precious natural stones and a mix of silver and copper,” he says. He launched Silvette — the name inspired by a Picasso painting — in August 2014 with an initial investment of ₹5-6 lakh.