Big Idea

Signed, sealed, delivered

Bengaluru-based eCourierz helps you compare prices of courier services and make bookings for delivery online

RA Chandroo

Colleagues Shiva Mahadi, Sreenivas Saba and Shashi Shekhar were hard at work at a logistics company back in 2013 when it dawned on them that the biggest problem consumers had with the industry was its lack of transparency about prices. To make life easier for the end user, the trio brought friend Ajay Kumar on board and started eCourierz in September 2014 with help from Anna University and an initial investment of ₹50,000. This web portal is a platform where consumers can compare courier rates and make bookings for delivery in any part of the country or abroad, all in one place. Says Saba, “If there is a system online that helps users compare prices for travel bookings, why can’t we do the same for courier services?”