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Abhishek Modi

Managing director of Modi Illva India talks about his favourite artists

Published 7 years ago on Aug 03, 2013 Read
Bhupinder Singh

One book I particularly like is Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur by Richard Branson. I love the entrepreneurial insights and the originality of what Branson did. His ability to identify opportunities and convert them into businesses is remarkable.

My favourites cuisines are Japanese and Italian as they are a vegetarian’s delight. I love tanuki rolls and asparagus tempura.

I am a collector of contemporary Indian art. I keenly follow Riyas Komu, Vibha Galotra and Valay Shinde. New-age artists and new talent always interest me, and I’m looking forward to adding digital art to my collection. 

It has to be Florence. The city has great culture, food and pristine beauty. I especially like the fact that you can walk the cobbled streets without encountering traffic and the accompanying cacophony. 

Originally London. However, of late, I have discovered Milan, where I travel a lot due to work. My affinity for Milan keeps growing every time I step into the city.