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My Favourite

Abhimanyu Singh
Contiloe Pictures' Abhimanyu Singh lists his favourite movies 

My favourite films have to be Gandhi and Sholay. The former is inspirational in every way and is very well-made indeed. The latter is just everyone’s favourite, including mine.


Most of the reading I did was back in college and I haven’t been able to read as much since. But, Shakespeare’s plays have stayed with me throughout. It’s interesting how each read gives you a new interpretation. It is also a great lesson in screenwriting.


I am a huge cricket fan, especially of the T20 format. It is not just an entertainment extravaganza, it is an evolved form of the game. Besides this, I also enjoy playing golf.


I enjoy Rajasthani cuisine the most. Laal maas and gatte ki sabzi make me quite a happy man. I enjoy all kinds of other cuisines as well barring European, but this always remains close to my heart.


Phuket is my favourite place to go to. I have been there a number of times. They have a lovely beach called Laguna, which has a secluded golf course. I also like visiting Dehradun and Mussorie when I can. 

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