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Stylish in Stoles

High-end, stylish scarves and stoles – for the discerning gentleman

Who says accessories are exclusively for women? Men deserve to look good and fashionable too. They are entitled to suitable carry-ons like stoles and scarves. When it comes to these apparel items, sadly so decidedly associated with women, there is a need to present them as a modern marker of a metrosexual man and not as an assault on one’s masculinity (they are really, really not). What better way to do that than stating your sophistication with one from the house of a Gucci, Fendi or Valentino wrapped around your neck? Besides, isn’t winter (or “winter”, as it is in most urban parts of the country) coming in soon?

Have it the French way or drape it over simply, covering the exposed neck or hanging loose under a buttoned-up jacket -- scarves are comfortable, trendy and they keep you warm. And when they happen to be designed by Gucci, they are also elegant, sensual and extravagantly styled but done up with a subtle approach. Scarves and stoles by Gucci come with the iconic GG pattern, in a web stripe pattern, or even with colourful and quirky motifs such as floral and aerial that look nothing short of fantastic when coupled with sombre tones in clothing. These accessories go up to a price range of Rs.28,000.

But perhaps that’s not your style. You’d rather go for something with exclusive prints that are immediately recallable, such that Valentino’s range seems to offer. “Scarves byValentino feature distinctive prints that are a signature style of the company and thus, instantly recognisable. They also reflect the brand’s aesthetics,” says Varushi Sharma, style advisor at Darvey’s, an online portal for luxury goods. Starting at Rs.29,000 the Italian fashion label's collection features a lot of cultural references, resulting in a line that is fun, relatable and also stands out. “The edgy and urbane designs are lightweight and luxurious,” continues Sharma.  

If you want to go for fun and funky, however, Fendi scarves are the way to go. With a price range going up to Rs.30,000, scarves by Fendi feature colourful monsters with bold angry eyes that do nothing but amp up your attire. “The brand is known for its vibrant and monochrome patterns, and this you can see in their scarf collection as well,” Sharma says. Stylish and very high on the fun quotient, these scarves are made in cashmere or wool and are definitely a go-to for the winter.

Wrap them around to add a dash of swagger to any dull attire, and do it while proclaiming sophistication and understated luxury.