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Home is Where the Art Is

From wall sconces to 3-D printed vases – these luxury home décor products enhance the homeliness of your homes

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The question is not what makes a house a home. This is actually one question that calls for a barrage of answers that perhaps start with family and capitalistically end with ownership. Besides, it also invites cloying sentimentality. The real question is, what makes a house different from any other sheltered place, which could be anything such as a cave or a hole in a tree or even a makeshift tent. 

The heart of the answer lies in the art that we bring to the place. In other words, how we decorate, beautify it, make it exquisitely habitable. And whether it is decorative lamps, antiques or wall sculptures, what you bring to your home to enhance its homeliness also makes a statement about you. Take for instance wall sconces by Viya Home that fall in the range upwards of Rs.2.5 lakh. Its Persepolis Sconce with its dramatic outspread draws attention to its rusty Brutalist beauty, and expresses a bold taste. As Vikram Goyal, founder, Viya Home says, “Our sconces are designed in the Brutalist style, which was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and consist of exposed welded surfaces and abstract geometric forms.” The sconces are all handcrafted, and can be entirely customised as well. 

Then there is Visionnaire, with its individual lamps such as its Elder floor lamp and Faberge table lamp, which presents an interesting intermingling of contemporary and classical styles and are priced at Rs.3 lakh and Rs.3.95 lakh respectively. “For both the Elder floor lamp and Faberge table lamp, the richness of the materials and the complexity of their combination is unique. It perfectly showcases simplicity and opulence at the same time,” opines Eleonore Cavalli, creative director, Visionnaire.   

But if you want to bring home beautiful items that are also testament to technological wonders of our times, while at the same time make a luxurious statement, the French brand Roche Bobois’ Exos Vase collection may just be the thing. This collection is created using the technique of stereolithography, a kind of 3-D printing technology. Says Samvit Tara, MD, Roche Bobois India, “For our brand, luxury lies in pushing innovation, creativity and new technologies to their limits, while also maintaining a commitment to French know-how and European manufacturing.” They are also purportedly the world’s lightest unbreakable vases, and come in a befitting range of Rs.2 lakh to Rs.3 lakh a piece. 

Where Roche Bobois taps into futuristic elements in its décor products, Sarita Handa looks at bygone eras for better appeal with its collection of antiques and sculptures. “There are connoisseurs and consumers looking for something that is not just another piece, but has a story to tell and is individualistic,” says Rahul Puri, executive director, Sarita Handa, talking about the collection. Each of the items in the collection are unique, handpicked, and tell a tale. They don’t occupy space, but add a something to it. “Their statement-making look coupled with subtle appeal is what distinguishes our collection,” says Puri. The items in this collection go up to a range of Rs.3.5 lakh. 

These brands add that element of art to your homes with their exquisite collection of home décor products. Home is truly where the art is, so don't forget to checkout these premium home décor brands.