Pursuit of Happiness

Walking The Talk

PVR joint managing director Sanjeev Kumar Bijli sources his daily quota of happy hormones through his exercise routines 

Sanjeev Kumar Bijli does not remember being much into sports as a child. In fact, the joint managing director of PVR admits that he was particularly lazy back in school. But something changed when he went to England for his higher education.

He took up squash and tennis at his university. One could say that is where his decades-long journey with fitness began. At the crux of it was something very basic: “The desire to look good. I think it came from that first,” he says with a chuckle.

Once he got started, Bijli realised that exercising every day made him feel good. “It starts with the very basic notion that a healthy body is a lot more productive and a healthy body leads to a healthy mind as exercise releases endorphins or happy hormones,” he explains.

Today, you will spot Bijli at the gym six days a week, exercising with a trainer for an hour early in the morning. And no, this joint MD does not take weekends off. “I try to not miss Saturday and Sunday. It is a crime to miss it on the weekends because that is when you have most of the time and you are free,” he says.

For him, exercising in the morning sets the tone of the day but it does not end there. Bijli says that the idea of exercising one hour a day and then sitting in the office the whole day and leading a sedentary lifestyle is incorrect.