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Ravi Avalur

Ducati India's managing director on his love for home-made Dhansak

Published 7 years ago on Sep 24, 2016 2 minutes Read
Vishal Koul

I like reading history and fiction that is rooted in it. One of my favorite books in the category is Graham Greene’s The Quiet American. I also enjoy reading lyrical ballads such as Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner that make use of a narrative style that creates a gripping sense of the supernatural and of danger.

I love listening to western classical music, jazz and rock. Amongst my favorites are Rossini, Wagner, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and the Rolling Stones. I listen to fast-paced techno and electronic dance music when I’m running or in the gym.

Espionage thrillers such as Bridge of Spies and Spy Games and classic comedies, with well written scripts and emphasis on wit such as Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and The Seven Year Itch starring Marilyn Monroe are among my favourites.

I relish my mother’s homemade Parsi food whenever I am back at home in Mumbai. There is nothing like Akuri on toast for breakfast and Dhansak for lunch.

I love Japan for its food and culture, Scotland’s lochs and coast for calm and peace and exploring Vietnam on a motorcycle. Kasauli, always a special place for me as I spent my formative years in Sanawar.