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Jamal Mecklai

Mecklai Financial's CEO about Gabriel Garcia Marquez and more

Soumik Kar

My favourite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude by the recently deceased  writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Though Marquez wrote in Spanish and his books were translated, I feel that he is one of the best writers in English. 

I love travelling to Japan. The place is magical, the people genteel, sensitive and thoughtful, and the food is amazing. I refuse to eat Japanese food anywhere outside Japan. 

My favourite kind of food is the wholesome, homemade Indian food made by my Bengali cook, Anita. She makes the best mustard fish and dal; all her creations are basic but fantastic.

I love drinking feni but only when I am in Goa. Feni is not just a drink, it is a state of mind and needs the entire Goan susegad environment to be enjoyed. It just doesn’t taste the same outside Goa. 

I love wearing sunny prints and get all my shirts custom-made at Horn OK Please. Sometimes, I pick up fabric from Lohar Chawl in Mumbai and get it stitched by my faithful local tailor.