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Chandru Kalro

TTK Prestige MD Chandru Kalro is always eager to dig into a plate of Chettinad crab fry

Published 5 years ago on Apr 09, 2017 2 minutes Read
RA Chandroo

I am an avid reader. I often spend time reading and listening to the verses of the Mahabharata. Philosophy and people management are the genres that appeal the most to me. 

One of the greatest films that has ever been made, Sholay, is my all time favourite. It is truly a classic film where each character plays a unique and powerful role. The perfect combination of drama and action makes the movie a fascinating one. 

Cricket has always been my favorite sport. Having played the sport during school days, I have a great affinity towards this sport. I participate in a game or two over the weekend. I am an ardent follower of every match that India plays. 

Being a foodie, I have experimented with different cuisines across the world. I love cooking and I am particularly partial to non-vegetarian food. Chettinad crab fry would be my absolute favourite any day. The complexity and depth of flavor in that dish is spectacular and it is something that I can eat frequently, without getting tired of.

I am a beach person, intrinsically. Goa and Thailand are two holiday destinations I would opt for. Apart from the beautiful islands and food in Thailand, I have had some memorable memories from this place in the past.