Non-Stick Bonding

You can get yourself out of any sticky situation with the right adhesive, says ResiQuick in its latest campaign

Taking a dig at your rivals is one way to set yourself apart from the big players, especially if they have a better brand recall. But an alternative would be to identify the product’s weak point and go for it. For a maiden campaign, instant adhesive brand ResiQuick’s latest commercials are no doubt funny in their own way, but you can’t miss the hints. Lowe Lintas’ executive director Sagar Kapoor agrees: when you’re promoting two similar products, there can only be so much difference in its components. So while typical adhesive brands would go for the problem-solving approach, ResiQuick goes about showing how to prevent wreckage.

Usually, instant adhesives can get you out of sticky situations — be it an arranged marriage, an armed bank robbery or even covering up your ruins around the house. But that will also come at the cost of landing you in a similar aftermath. Rest assured, that would not be the case with ResiQuick. No spill, no harm, as the brand’s newly signed-on ambassador Varun Dhawan quickly reminds the viewers. Astral Poly Technik’s VP, business development, Kairav Engineer, explains the concept, “We recognised the challenges users faced while using existing products. Adhesive used to dribble and get all over their hands while working on surfaces.” That’s how the company created its one drop blow-fill-seal ampoule for instant adhesives. “The idea lay in its technology and we wanted it to be the starting point of the story,” adds Kapoor.

As for distinguishing ResiQuick from its main competitor, Pidilite, Engineer explains, “They talk about stickiness and product use in general. But we talked about the product attribute and what makes it better.” If only, our on-screen characters had used ResiQuick, then they wouldn’t have to struggle to unglue themselves.