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Failing Women With Fine Intent

The government just announces progressive policies for women and leaves implementation and financials to the employer. What should have worked for women at workplace becomes a double disadvantage in tough times

Published a month ago on Mar 01, 2023 11 minutes Read

That women, accounting for nearly half the population of India, are major stakeholders in the economic growth of India is a policymaker’s cliché, which appears ad nauseam in government documents. The government has been patting its back for taking “progressive” and “women friendly” initiatives, like raising maternity leave duration from 12 weeks to 26 weeks and mandating a creche for business units with more than 50 employees and adequate safety measures for women working in night shifts. The prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) at workplace act, notified by the earlier government, too has been seen as a protective shield for working women. But the on-ground situations beckon concerned attention.