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A Growing Appetite
Banking on acquisitions, Torrent Pharma is focused on strengthening its presence in the domestic market

Krishna Gopalan

Download boost

Data revenues may gather speed as debt-ridden telecom companies consider strategies to grow their top line

Rajat Ubhaykar | FEB 06 , 2015

Leaning in, with a helping hand

How multinational corporations are helping female employees push the limits of the glass ceiling

Meghna Maiti | NOV 14 , 2014


Gamification as a means of employee engagement has finally caught the fancy of Indian companies. Is it ready to go mainstream?

Vikas Kumar | OCT 17 , 2014

Up close and personnel

Adobe ditches the annual appraisal for more frequent and informal checks-ins. How has the experience been?

Vikas Kumar | SEP 19 , 2014

Keep calm and sell assets

Following the slowdown, a host of Indian companies are selling assets to find a way out of a debt quagmire

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 22 , 2014

Doing well by doing good

Companies are increasingly hopping on to the cause-related marketing bandwagon to bump up their businesses

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 22 , 2014

The road less travelled

Industrial products manufacturers borrow a leaf from consumer product companies to connect directly with B2B buyers

Vikas Kumar | AUG 08 , 2014

Cold comfort

HUL’s premium ice cream offering is unlikely to give the chills to local players

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 21 , 2014

Clog of the town

Footwear MNC Crocs now wants to take its flashy, premium clogs deep into tier 2 and 3 cities

Himanshu Kakkar | APR 26 , 2014

Business as unusual

How Godrej Consumer Products countered the slowdown in rural India

Vikas Kumar | MAR 01 , 2014

Short supply = high price

Does private taxi service Uber’s surge-pricing make sense?

FEB 01 , 2014

Miles to go

Hero Motocorp's five-year warranty scheme is yet to rev up the auto major's sales

Himanshu Kakkar | NOV 23 , 2013

Built to last

Who wins when an MNC pits itself against a huge unorganised sector in the middle of a slowdown?

Mahithi Pillay | OCT 26 , 2013

A brimming cup of woes

There’s no easy end in sight for the Jignesh Shah-promoted FTIL and MCX

Team Outlook Business | OCT 26 , 2013

The buzz gets louder

Godrej Consumer hopes to break into rural households with its new paper mosquito repellent

Himanshu Kakkar | OCT 12 , 2013

What’s in a name?

How domestic white label ATM players plan to quench private and public banks’ thirst for a wider reach

Krishna Gopalan | OCT 12 , 2013

Going for the till

Sonalika is looking to up the ante in the tractor market after ousting John Deere from fourth spot. Can it succeed?

Himanshu Kakkar | AUG 17 , 2013

The baron of the box-office

Eros India’s vertically integrated business model is proving to be a success

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 03 , 2013

The great TAMasha

The drama’s all off-screen as advertisers and broadcasters face off over a new monthly ratings system

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 03 , 2013

Commercial brake

The suggested cap on television advertising minutes could hurt small-budget advertisers

Krishna Gopalan | JUL 20 , 2013

Selective shopping

Why are FMCG companies seeing more private equity action even as M&As slow?

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 22 , 2013

The road less travelled

Motorsports is the new brand building and feedback tool for auto majors

Rashmi K Pratap | MAY 11 , 2013

Small town blues

Soaring real estate costs make companies rethink their expansion into tier 2 cities, for now

Shabana Hussain | APR 27 , 2013

Dude, where's my Ertiga?

Does Mere Dad Ki Maruti show the way for advertiser-funded cinema in India?

Krishna Gopalan | APR 27 , 2013