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Sinking ship
The annual Pushkar Fair could lose its star attraction, the ship of the desert

Bridging the gap

With the first stone laid for the Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link, the distance between mainland Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is set to shrink

JAN 22 , 2020

Greenie in a tuk-tuk

E-rickshaws brought us a step closer to responsible travelling, but can we do better?

JAN 14 , 2020

Sinking ship

The annual Pushkar Fair could lose its star attraction, the ship of the desert

NOV 19 , 2019

Rare air

Delhi may be choking, but one company has found a ‘fresh’ way to cash in

NOV 18 , 2019

Slippery slope

India’s palm oil industry is in urgent need of renewed plans and ambition

OCT 31 , 2019

Capital advantage

Bengaluru may be known as the tech city of the country, but a recent report sheds light on how the capital is gaining an edge when it comes to start-ups

OCT 17 , 2019

Move over, coal

The Indian coal sector is facing growing risks on the back of oversupply and shift towards cleaner options

SEP 13 , 2019

Rubble trouble

Poor quality of construction and shoddy execution has come back to haunt Kolkata  

SEP 10 , 2019

Trumpet territory

Plans to set up an elephant reserve in Chhattisgarh is making environmentalists cheer and the Centre fret

AUG 29 , 2019

Slowdown Blues

A spanner has been thrown in the auto industry works and it is cause for concern

AUG 22 , 2019

Colours of freedom

The only organisation officially licensed to make the Tiranga holds aloft the founding spirit of the nation

Anwesha Mitra | AUG 14 , 2019

Not an act of God

Despite a written code, our buildings and other structures fail to meet basic construction standards killing thousands every year

Rishabh Bhatnagar | JUL 24 , 2019

Use, throw, choke, repeat

India’s plastic problem is growing, and states hardly seem to care enough to report how bad it’s getting

JUL 17 , 2019

Choppy Waters

Easing monsoon deficit holds promise for farmers, but the rain gods may be too late

JUL 10 , 2019

Without a pinch of salt

Is desalination the answer to India's water woes?

JUN 28 , 2019

Channeling hope

KCR’s pet project plans to allay Telangana’s water shortage fears

JUN 21 , 2019

Lunar Dreams

India’s space exploration is headed for a new horizon with the launch of Chandrayaan-2

JUN 17 , 2019

Playing the odds

It’s the biggest cricket event of the year and stakes are high not just for the teams or fans. Thousands of punters are going to win or lose big

Rishabh Bhatnagar | JUN 06 , 2019

Burning Paradox

Chennai is facing one of the worst droughts after having been flooded three years ago

MAY 30 , 2019


The Rs.349.25 billion Ken Betwa river linking project is stuck due to disputes between state governments and protests from environmentalists

MAY 29 , 2019

The King Grounded

Crisis at Jet Airways has put mango exporters in a fix, who cannot afford freight charges of other airlines

MAY 22 , 2019

Dry Irony

India's first cashless village still struggles for drinking water, with residents even making perilous descent into an old well for a pot

MAY 09 , 2019

Racing ahead

After Train 18 earned its spot as one of the fastest on rails, more are set to be rolled out

MAY 01 , 2019

Wing and a prayer

Netas will climb mountains to meet their voters during polls, even fly across skies for Rs.40,000-Rs.50,000 an hour 

Krishna Gopalan | APR 19 , 2019