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Water on Wheels
An innovative contraption helps families reach drinking water to their homes, saving three hours of labour a day  

Water on Wheels

An innovative contraption helps families reach drinking water to their homes, saving three hours of labour a day  

APR 10 , 2019

Shooting star

Launching satellites in three different orbits, ISRO's PSLV-C45 sets a new record  

APR 03 , 2019

Fever Pitch

IPL, the game that makes a million rupees every ten seconds, starts again  

MAR 27 , 2019

Wholly politics

Congress hopes to revive its game in UP by sending in Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Will it pay off?

MAR 20 , 2019

Maxed out

India joins a long list of countries that have decided to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 leading to a slew of flight cancellations and huge spike in air fares

Krishna Gopalan | MAR 13 , 2019

Running into rough weather

Even as it enters its third phase, UDAN is a long way from delivering on its promise of better connectivity

JAN 11 , 2019

A Bridge Too Far

After two decades of being commissioned, India’s longest railroad bridge finally sees the light of the day

DEC 26 , 2018

Glitter dulls

India’s gold exports bear the brunt as bankers tighten their purse strings

Krishna Gopalan | NOV 27 , 2018

Cult Calling

Mahindra and Mahindra revives a cult icon to reverse its fortune

NOV 21 , 2018

Too Little Too Late

Government’s move to offer MSMEs loans under an hour will do little to improve their fortunes   

NOV 08 , 2018

The coming solar eclipse

India's renewable power story faces a nasty twist as rupee heads south

OCT 31 , 2018

Port of Call

PepsiCo’s consignment marks India’s first inland container movement across the Ganges

OCT 30 , 2018

Taj retains its crown

Indian Hotels outbids rival ITC to snap up the iconic Taj Mansingh in a crucial win

Krishna Gopalan | OCT 24 , 2018

Festive Cheer

Higher disposable rural income and easy availability of consumer financing schemes could bring in more sales this season

Krishna Gopalan | OCT 17 , 2018

Cashew Crunch

India’s cashew industry, crippled by bad loans and high interest, stands at a precarious point

SEP 26 , 2018

Moving On

Congestion propels Maruti to relocate from its historic Gurugram plant

Progyaa Dutta | SEP 12 , 2018

Unviable greenheart

Biofuel flights might be good for publicity but difficult to scale up

Progyaa Dutta | SEP 04 , 2018

Too little, too late

Banning a select list of pesticides and leaving out many lethal ones makes the latest order arbitrary 

Progyaa Dutta | AUG 21 , 2018

Powering Down

Harley-Davidson wants to boost its sales volume in India by launching mid-segment bikes

Progyaa Dutta | AUG 10 , 2018

Free passage

Truck drivers across the country will have it easy once permits and routine checks are abolished

Progyaa Dutta | JUL 24 , 2018

Flying The Coop

Pawan Hans moving to a private buyer will mark a new inning for the helicopter services provider

JUL 19 , 2018

Freebie Season

Appeasing distressed farmers with high MSP might pay off politically but will increase the fiscal deficit

Progyaa Dutta | JUL 05 , 2018

Ban Without A Plan

The mindless plastic ban threatens to add to India’s NPA woes

Progyaa Dutta | JUN 26 , 2018

Wall Of Shame

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off, India seems to be content with just painting walls

Progyaa Dutta | JUN 14 , 2018