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Real or mythical?
India is churning out unicorns faster than ever. Which start-ups will be the next billion-dollar companies? 

N Mahalakshmi

Prescription for growth

Three healthcare providers have hit on a business model that effectively marries social goals with commercial imperatives

Deepak Parekh | MAY 12 , 2012

A tragedy of errors

ONGC’s latest divestment was doomed from the start

Sandeep Parekh | APR 14 , 2012

Old habits die hard

Calling Pranab’s bluff

N Mahalakshmi | APR 14 , 2012

The world's biggest small company

India is much like a Small & medium enterprise that is CEO-driven, constrained by working capital and management talent

Saurabh Mukherjea | MAR 31 , 2012

Ground realities

Ground-up reporting shows how industry and agriculture are bearing the brunt of government inaction and warped policies

N Mahalakshmi | MAR 31 , 2012

The Holy Grail of Indian innovation

Managing scale effectively will help Indian companies compete globally

Rishikesha T Krishnan | MAR 17 , 2012

What strategy is not

Companies should meet customer needs, not demolish rivals

Amit Kapoor | MAR 17 , 2012

Work in progress

Why India Inc's new ventures aren't working?

N Mahalakshmi | MAR 17 , 2012

Smoke without fire?

The market regulator faces misguided flak for consent orders

Sandeep Parekh | FEB 18 , 2012

If I were to lead the country...

The political leadership has been facing a crisis of late. We asked three leaders what they would do differently if they were in charge. Here's what they said

Team Outlook Business | FEB 04 , 2012

Back to the future

Who will be the defining economist of this crisis — and why it matters

Saurabh Mukherjea | FEB 04 , 2012

The numbers game

Why Blackstone's India strategy isn't paying off

N Mahalakshmi | FEB 04 , 2012

No easy way

Running an airline appears simple but several ambitious companies have been grounded soon after take off

Rishikesha T Krishnan | JAN 21 , 2012

Dear readers,

Think beyond, stay ahead

N Mahalakshmi | JAN 21 , 2012