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Moving on
IndusInd Bank CEO Romesh Sobti cashes in on the market rebound by selling stock worth Rs.108 million

Prathamesh Mulye

Will the FY21 Budget boost investor sentiment?

With rising inflation and stretched fiscal, the government has little room for expansionary policies

JAN 14 , 2020

Stake Management

Grasim Industries stock rallies as promoters buy shares worth Rs.435 million

Prathamesh Mulye | JAN 10 , 2020

Chemical reaction

Amidst macro concerns and volatile stock, promoters of Aarti Industries sell shares worth Rs.1.64 billion

Prathamesh Mulye | JAN 03 , 2020

Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai

Lux Industries promoters sell 4.2% stake for Rs.1.38 billion

DEC 24 , 2019

Golden gain

As Manappuram Finance hits an all-time high, executive director BN Raveendrababu sells shares worth Rs.67.8 million

Prathamesh Mulye | DEC 20 , 2019


As DMart’s stock continues to rally, CEO Neville Noronha sells shares worth Rs.514 million

DEC 13 , 2019

Cash for Clinker

As Star Cement’s stock price heads south, promoters sell shares worth Rs.290 million

Prathamesh Mulye | DEC 06 , 2019

Diamonds Among Duds

If PSU stocks continue to fall, these c ompanies with a strong moat and compelling market share can become bargain picks

Prathamesh Mulye | DEC 02 , 2019

Self financing

As ICICI Bank hits a new high, ICICI Home Finance CEO Anirudh Kamani sells stock worth Rs.21 million 

NOV 29 , 2019

Moving on

IndusInd Bank CEO Romesh Sobti cashes in on the market rebound by selling stock worth Rs.108 million

Prathamesh Mulye | NOV 22 , 2019

Concrete gains

As Ramco Cements shares rally, promoter PR Venketrama Raja-led entity Sri Vishnu Shankar Mill sells shares worth Rs.103 million

NOV 19 , 2019

Is it the right time to buy Vodafone Idea?

The telecom giant’s stock has hit an all-time low after the Supreme Court’s AGR ruling

NOV 18 , 2019

Debt cleansing

Promoters of Jyothy Labs sell shares worth Rs 2.68 billion to reduce debt

NOV 08 , 2019

Will HDFC Bank continue to outperform its peers?

The marquee lender is battling to grow its book amidst slowing economic growth

NOV 01 , 2019

Mutual profit

HDFC AMC’s Rajat Malhotra sells shares worth Rs.59 million as the stock hits an all-time high

NOV 01 , 2019

Sourcing Cash

As IndiaMart’s stock price surges, top management and employees cash in, sell shares worth Rs. 326 million 

OCT 18 , 2019

"In India, valuations appear stretched and growth projections unrealistic"

Ben Inker, head of GMO’s Asset Allocation team, explains why emerging markets figure highly in their portfolio, but India and the US not as much

Rajesh Padmashali | OCT 16 , 2019

Bigger’s not better

The top 50 us companies have been out-earning the smaller ones and it’s been a great time to be a giant. but will it stay that way?

OCT 05 , 2019

Stock sale

Phoenix Mills promoters sell stake worth Rs 3.74 billion as it hits a 52-week high

Prathamesh Mulye | OCT 04 , 2019

Juiced up

As Varun Beverages’ stock soars, promoters sell shares worth Rs 2.52 billion on September 25

SEP 27 , 2019

Cash counter

As the stock bounces back from a 52-week low, V-Mart’s promoter sells stake worth Rs 117 million

SEP 24 , 2019

Are low taxes the answer?

Dalal Street has given a big thumbs up to the tax cut. But, corporate investments are another matter

Kripa Mahalingam | SEP 21 , 2019

In-house boost

Tata Sons picks up Tata Power stock worth Rs.914 million in September

Prathamesh Mulye | SEP 13 , 2019

Can further rate cuts revive investor sentiment?

As the economy weakens, pressure is building on the central bank for another rate reduction

SEP 11 , 2019