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I toot, you tweet
An “anti-establishment” tweet, a blocked account, a trending hashtag:  the perfect recipe for a movement — of Indians leaving Twitter for Mastodon

Rishabh Bhatnagar

It's not about the money

Thanks to its experiments in early stage investing, Seedfund has some interesting winners on its hands

Kripa Mahalingam | NOV 24 , 2012

The new fruit bowl

The market for imported fruits is on a healthy upswing, but a rising dollar threatens to slacken sales

Ajita Shashidhar | NOV 10 , 2012

Festive clicks

Online shopping may well prove to be the big change this season

Taneesha Kulshrestha | OCT 13 , 2012

Change of pace

The Indian Premier League looks on increasingly shaky ground. Is this the beginning of the end?

Krishna Gopalan | SEP 29 , 2012

A rewarding business

Why prepaid gift cards are becoming popular as an employee reward

Michael Correya | SEP 15 , 2012

As you sow...

Nexus has been prominently able to manage smart exits, thanks to its early-bird strategy for making investments

Kripa Mahalingam | AUG 18 , 2012

Turn those lights off

There’s a growing opportunity in managing energy efficiently

Kandula Subramaniam | AUG 04 , 2012

Look for the bare necessities

Impact investing is looking to fund businesses that will operate at the bottom of the pyramid in India

Veena Venugopal | AUG 04 , 2012

Finger on the pulse

Online medical portals SEE business opportunities with the growing need     for healthcare products and services in India

Taneesha Kulshrestha | JUL 21 , 2012

Stinking stench

There’s money in those mounds of garbage — and several com    panies are lining up for a share

Kandula Subramaniam | JUL 21 , 2012

Dress doctors

Image consultants are showing corporate executives how to make a visible difference in their career graphs

Shabana Hussain | JUN 23 , 2012

The underdog diaries

How small budget movies are striking it big at the box office

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 09 , 2012

Good looking legacy

The Legaato chain of salons is glowing with profits across western India

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 09 , 2012

Thick of action

Accel Partners’ presence in almost all the best technology upstarts in the country may seem over the top, but there is a method to the madness

Taneesha Kulshrestha | JUN 09 , 2012

Demands of the day

Jerry Rao sees big opportunity emerging from high-end daycare and prep schools

Sebastian PT | MAY 26 , 2012

So far, so good

Deal momentum in Q4FY12 looks healthy as most of the transactions were done prior to the GAAr announcement

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 12 , 2012

The big pitcher

Microbreweries are adding froth to the indian beer market

Veena Venugopal | APR 14 , 2012

Getting in the backdoor

E-commerce sites are side-stepping FDI norms in retail to pull in funding

Veena Venugopal | MAR 31 , 2012

Clickety click

The virtual shopping cart is overflowing with brands and discounts, but only some online retailers are going to survive the blitz consumers are enjoying so much

Shabana Hussain | MAR 03 , 2012

Trading charges

Promoters are no longer averse to publicly squabbling with their financiers, and, if need be, fight them in the courts

Rajesh Padmashali | FEB 18 , 2012

Business behind the buzz

Controversies and celebrities aside, book deals were also struck at the Jaipur Literature Festival

Veena Venugopal | FEB 03 , 2012

Caught in a bind

The economic slowdown has taken its toll on second rung enterprises with no respite in sight

Adit Mathai | JAN 21 , 2012